The First Time...  

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8/7/2006 6:44 pm
The First Time...

I am a golfer, have been since I was 13. Back than, golfers weren't as cool as they are now, thanks to Tiger Woods. We usually didn't date
the cheerleader types. But I was the lucky one; Lynn was a pretty "Country Club"
girl that I still consider her one of the prettiest ladies I know! When I was 18
I played in our State Open Golf tournament in central California about 100 miles
from our hometown. I asked Lynn's parents if she could come along and watch me
compete and to both our amazement they agreed.

Don't get me wrong, we had been going out for over a year, spending many a fun
evening on her parents couch, kissing and exploring, but we were both still
virgins and now we were going on a road trip together. I cared less about that
tourney than any golf event I ever competed in. My mind was hoping for one
trophy only and it wouldn't be handed out at some ceremony on the 18th green
(that is another story for another time, LO.

The drive north on Highway 101 was exciting, not just because of the
anticipation. I nearly crashed the car once when I missed a stop sign and locked
the brakes so hard Lynn fell to the floor. After checking into the Holiday Inn,
we proceeded to our room.

Now Lynn was your typical 5'6" brunette cheerleader type! Silky skin, blue eyes
that sparkled, the kind of lips that were perfect for kissing and those young
pert breasts that the girls had as teenagers. I knew this already because as I
mentioned we had been dating for a year and we were both each others first true

While I was no Robert Redford, at 5'11" I did possess the typical California
blonde hair blue eyes that most people expect from guys out here. And I had
bought a Porsche 914 with money I had saved working during high school, so I did
have the look and ride going for me. And while I may have been a virgin, I'd
been sneaking into X-rated theaters for some time. At first it was the thrill of
watching "dirty movies", but it became more about learning what to do when I
finally got my chance.

Enough about me and back to that night!

I hadn't wanted to pressure Lynn into anything that first night; I knew we'd be
there for at least 3 more days. So I kept acting like we would simply unpack and
go to sleep, get some much needed rest after the long drive. But once I saw her
in her sexy little baby doll I knew sleeping was the last thing on her mind.

We crawled into bed and watched TV for awhile until I couldn't take it anymore.
I got out of my bed and leaned towards Lynn and whispered "Your bed looks much
more comfortable than mine, would you mind sharing it with me?" Lynn looked a
little startled but considered what I had said and nodded - she looked back to
the TV and smiled then nodded again, seeming more sure this time. Wasting no
time, I leaped into the bed and under the covers with her. In the pale light
that was cast from the bathroom down the hall, I stroked her hair and gazed into
her beautiful blue eyes. The TV now forgotten, I kissed her soft lips and ran my
fingers through her long brown hair and then began touching her breasts. I
hesitantly reached for one of the small but perfectly formed breasts, gently
running my fingers in small spirals over the skin and around the nipple. Lynn's
sudden intake of breathe only made me braver as I leaned closer and kissed her
gently on the mouth, shyly to start with but quickly developing with more and
more passion. I kissed my way down her body until I got to her tits. I flicked
my tongue over her dark nipples as Lynn parted her legs and moaned softly. She
arched her back a little, forcing me to take more of her creamy breast into her
mouth. My hands ran softly over Lynn's belly, and then up to circle her other
breast - lightly pinching the nipple. Throwing the bed covers off; I momentarily
gazed at her beautiful body, caressing her skin lightly. I trailed my fingertips
and nails down her flesh. My cock was fully engorged and I was dying for
attention of my own, but it would have to wait.

My long fingers disappeared from view within the folds of Lynn's sexy legs. As I
stroked Lynn with regular movements, she tensed, and arched her back so that
most of her body was off of the bed - at this moment I stuck my fingers deep
into the moist flesh, she was panting hard and licked her lips with rapidly with
her soft tongue. I leaned forward and lightly kissed Lynn's lips, then pulled
back and kissed down her stomach heading for the soft mound of flesh which I
found was trimmed in a very neat little brunette strip. I spread her lips open,
lowered my mouth to her trimmed pussy and ran my tongue along her inner lips. My
eyes peered up to watch Lynn's facial expressions as I did this. She seemed to
be extremely relaxed and even more aroused. Lynn began to smile, eyes closed,
hips wiggling against my face. Her hands were pushing my mouth against her
pussy, obviously wanting me to suck harder on her dripping wet pussy. Her sex
was filling the room...or was it mine?

I sucked at her outer folds, licked at her clit, suckling it. At times, I would
fuck Lynn with my tongue and she'd arch under my mouth, pushing her breasts up
toward her own mouth. Then I began fingering her hard clit and slid my finger
inside her, occasionally pulling the finger out and tasting her. I felt her cunt
bearing down on my finger; her g-spot swelling under my constant pressure. Lynn
was really moaning and writhing now and a light sweat was forming on her body.
Her cries filled the small hotel room.

I could feel my cock growing against the confines of my boxer shorts! the
pressure was bliss! I moaned softly, but could not tear my mouth and finger from
the dripping pussy before me. With my left hand, I gently rubbed along the
length of my cock through the material adding to the fantastic pressure.

I could tell that my combined assault on her flesh had Lynn on the brink of an
explosive orgasm; she writhed and moaned against the pillows - her hips moving
in rhythm to my tongue like she was fucking my stiff tongue. I patiently coaxed
Lynn closer and closer, never rushing her, letting her decide the exact pace and
pressure she needed to bring her to climax. Within a few minutes, Lynn tensed
and pulled my face even tighter against her now sopping wet pussy, forcing me to
suck and lick faster as she tumbled into ecstasy riding my tongue and fingers.

Giving her a minute to recover, I knew my rock hard cock needed some attention
now. I kissed my way back up her stomach, to her now stiff and swollen nipples.
As I sucked on them greedily, I reached down and guided my stiff member to
Lynn's wet slit. Gently rubbing the head up and down the juicy folds of her
pussy lips, I slowly slid it into her virgin pussy. Expecting something bloody
or painful, I was surprised at the wet warmth, and how easily I slid my cock
inside her. Her deep guttural moan told me she too, was not feeling any pain,
just pleasure. As I began to fuck Lynn more forcefully, my hips slapped against
her ass cheeks with every thrust. I slid my hand down to her clit and it was
trapped between our bodies as I masturbated with Lynn. Her eyes would open, gaze
up at me, then moan, and I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I groaned deep in my throat and slowed my pace a little, wanting really badly to
cum but not wanting to end this wonderful feeling. I shuddered and grasped the
base of my cock tightly - a little trick I had learned that had spared my sheets
many a time. I held on until the pressure eased enough for me to start a slow
but steady rhythm working my cock in and out of Lynn's wet pussy.

It wasn't too long before the pressure was building again and the tip of my cock
was throbbing like it would explode at any second, and I knew I wouldn't be able
to hold out much longer. Finally, I heard my own cries of ecstasy as I began to
shoot my seed into Lynn. This was enough for her too, her moans became shrill.
Unable to control ourselves, and motivated by the sounds and sensations in our
bodies, we began to orgasm.

We remained entwined together for a few minutes until our bodies stopped
trembling, then as she laid there I stroked her hair and searched for something
profound to say. All I could manage was "I love you' and then I asked her to
marry me. Lynn replied with a breathtaking smile and then kissed me warmly and
her hand slowly stroked my body resting at the base of my neck.

We never did get married, and I missed the "cut" at the tournament that week
too. But it's still the most memorable evening of my life and it probably always
will be.

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