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8/7/2006 5:41 pm

I step out of the bathroom, my skin tingling, my body pink and glowing from the
shower. I walk the few steps to my bedroom. The large, fluffy towel falls away
and for a moment I stand there, naked, surveying myself in the full length
mirror on the wall. I sit on the edge of the bed and reach for the jar of skin
cr譥. Applying a generous amount to my hands I start to rub it in.

I start with my arms. My hands glide over the soft skin. An occasional fleeting
contact with my naked breasts sends tiny electric shocks through me.

Next my legs. My hands slide easily up my slender calves and over my rounded and
shapely thighs. They travel up to my midsection, flat and well toned. A warm
glow surrounds me as my hands absently trace their way under the curves of my

Do I stop or do I continue? I hesitate only a moment before applying more cr譥
to my hands.

A soft moan escapes me as I cup my breasts in my hands and begin to caress them.
My nipples stiffen as my hands slide over them.

I lie back on the bed and close my eyes. I murmur my contentment as my hands
squeeze and massage my breasts. I gently pinch my nipples and then my hands
glide over the soft skin again.

My pussy responds in kind. I can feel it begin to pulse. I feel so sexy. My
breasts, firm and yet so soft, feel so good under my hands as I press them
together, savouring the sensations arising from my attentions.

Tentatively, one hand brushes against my neatly trimmed bush. I open my legs. I
finger slides between my lips, tracing the warm, wet folds of my mound, coating
it with my love juice.

Unconsciously I lift my fingers to my mouth, tasting the juices that are flowing
freely from my cunt. The flavour intoxicates me, my imagination begins to take

My fingers return to my pussy, teasing my clit, sliding between my silken lip.
Slowly I slide one, then two fingers into me. I thrust them in and out, gently
twisting them in and out. Waves of pleasure spread out from my pussy to consume
me as I slowly finger fuck myself.

Reluctantly I slip them out and lightly stroke my clit. In my mind's eye it's no
longer my finger but a warm, wet tongue that is pleasuring me. Not my husband's
tongue, not even another man's tongue but a woman's. The excitement inside me
builds as I imagine my husband catching me there, catching me with another woman
between my legs, watching as her soft tongue gently laps my juices from my

The excitement mounts, my pussy contracts. Not yet! Not yet! Slow down, make it
last. Reluctantly my hand retreats from my clit. I lick my fingers clean and in
my imagination I'm licking my juices from another man's cock, a cock that has
fucked me to the brink of orgasm as the fantasy woman feasted on my clit.

The sexual tension is still building, I have to force myself to slow down. I
will my overactive imagination into neutral.

My hands return to my breasts. I shiver with delight as I squeeze and caress
them. Pushing them together I pinch my nipples. I cry out with the subtle
mixture of pain and pleasure. I rub in a little more cr譥 and I spend what
seems like an age caressing each one in turn.

Fire burns in my pussy. My body is alive with expectation of release as I caress
myself all over. Like iron to a magnet my fingers are unconsciously drawn
towards my pussy. I have to use every ounce of will power I possess to prevent
them from finding their goal. I run my fingers up and down my inner thighs,
teasing myself until the tension and anticipation become too much to bear.

One hand returns to my breasts, the fingers of the other lightly brush over the
lips of my pussy. I slowly slide a finger between the lips, spreading them wide.
My finger dips into my honeypot. Once again I take my finger to my mouth and
lick the warm dew from it's length. I savour the taste as, fully aroused, I my
other hand glides over my stomach to take its place.

This time two fingers make their way into my tunnel. I slide them in and out
increasing the force with each movement. My thumb rests on my swollen clit and I
moan softly as the sensations take over. My passion now owns me, my body, of its
own volition, moves steadily towards the impending climax.

I thrust my fingers deep inside me, twisting them round and round inside my
cunt. My thumb exerts a steady pressure on my clit. My free hand strokes and
squeezes my breasts.

I can feel it approaching. The fire in my pussy builds to an inferno as my thumb
and fingers do their work. My breathing quickens. My womb begins to contract. My
body begins to shake.

My imaginary lovers return. The woman is frantically licking my clit as the man
works his cock in and out of my cunt. All the while my husband watches as I use
these strangers for my pleasure.

The dam suddenly bursts. I cry out as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure wash
over me. My body shudders as I slip the fingers from my pussy and slide them
back and forth over my throbbing clit, keeping the intensity of my climax at
full strength.

My other hand pinches each nipple in turn as I gently rub my clit with a
circular motion. Lightning bolts should through me as my climax climbs to a
higher level. The contractions in my pussy and womb spread out to engulf me
until I can take no more. With tears of joy in my eyes I allow myself to let go,
hugging myself tight as I let the orgasmic energy dissipate.

I lie on my bed motionless. I lie there, unaware of time passing, unaware of the
room around me, unaware of everything except the beating of my heart. A warm
glow of satisfaction spreads over me as my breathing returns to normal and my
body relaxes.

Finally I open my eyes. I smile. A warm, dreamy, mischievous little smile as I
realise that I what I need most of all right now is another shower.

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