Office Party...  

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8/7/2006 6:42 pm
Office Party...

New Year?s Eve found the office loosing all control at about 2 PM. The
secretarial staff seemed cut in half, and several of the office boys
were hard to find all of a sudden. The Internet connection seemed
particularly fast and unencumbered. Were people turning off their

I stood in my cubical looking like Dilbert my tie all twisted up and
stood on tiptoes and looked at Ralph in the next cubical ? on the
screen a picture of a woman in latex, her heel in a guy?s mouth bearing
down, the arc at her calf accenting the lovely seam down the back of her
stockings. In her hand a cock shaped dildo that she sucked.

"Well, Ralph is up to his usual work," I thought.

I look over to the left and there is Sharon. I can?t see here screen at
this angle, but I can see her typing quickly with one hand her other
hand deep in her hitched up skirt her hips gyrating on her seat. I hear
footsteps and drop down to my seat and look at the screen. "Projected
Sales Trends Based on Annual Fluctuation in Consumer Confidence: April
through September, 1998."

I sigh and check the spreadsheet sent up from the first floor and
compare to the number I entered in the little box. 19383, no 19833, and
I start to correct, nuy feel a hand on my shoulder.

I look up and see your face. "There is a swinging party on the third
floor. Wanna join me?"

I stand and with out a world follow you to the elevator. You push the
down button and turn to me and I look at you. Your hair soft looking,
framing your smiling face, your dress, thin and silky, your cleavage,
just a peek below the cloth. Your legs standing straight and strong,
the muscles in your thighs taught. I look at you and look away as I
notice how you have been looking at how my eyes have been lookinh at
you, maybe too close.

The moment ends as the elevator arrives, I hold the down button in so
the door will not close on you and you slip in the elevator and I step
in behind you. As the doors close, I am pressed against the elevator
wall as you surround me with your arms and kiss me tight and hard,
pressing your lips to mine and I feel you tongue push in my mouth that
opens to welcome your wet desire, our mouths a love making till you pull

A bell rings and instinctively I look up. The number "3" is lit on the
list of floors. In delighted surprise I look at you. You smooth down
your dress and smile. "Because I wanted to."

The doors of the elevator open and you hook my arm with yours and we
seem to run into the party: champagne in coffee cups, popcorn from bags,
who was that dancing on the central desk? Someone gropes me and I turn
around and no one there. Someone with a funnel pouring Jack Daniel?s
down throats.

The cassette player puts out a slow song, "There was a day in February
in which we met."

I feel you arms around me and our bodies slowly begin to find a rhythm
on the third floor, somewhere between the manager?s desk and the coffee
machine suite.

"So far away, yet suddenly so close," the song goes on.

I look in your eyes and see them say something new to me.

"And now this is place in which we get?"

You hand presses my waist and we walk off the dance floor?.

"The place we desire to most?."

The song fades in the background as you an I walk down the long hall to
the inner offices, past the Vice President?s office, by his secretary?s
office, into the CEO?s outer office, the executive secretary?s desk
without an occupant. You open the central office of the company, and
stand aside looking me in.

Once inside, I stand where I have stood so many times in awe of you.
You smile and I know. Your eyes look toward the sofa and there is a
pillow and a blanket and beside it a decanter of wine open and
breathing. I take your hand and walk you to the couch and this time
there is no need for you to ease my tenseness visiting your office, this
time your eyes lowered slightly, I realize how you felt unsure of this.

I ease you to the couch and sit beside you, fill a glass for you of the
red wine and one for me and I raise my glass and you match my gesture.

"A moment for us, at last." I toast, "and a future of moments to wait
for us."

We sip from the glasses looking in each others? eyes and put the
delicate glasses back down on the wooden topped coffee table.

Slowly, ever so slowly our arms circle each others? bodies. In full
embrace, we simply hold on to ourselves, feeling the tingle run up our
spines, knowing this is the acceptance
we both consent to.

I feel your hand rest down on my thigh as my hand press you closer to
me. In a long embrace we fall to laying on the couch and kiss and hug
and cuddle for long hours, but not long enough, till the sky has
darkened and the room begins to glow in the reddening glow from the

In a half sleep, we wake and we stand and face ourselves. Your hands
reach for the top button of your blouse as I start to take off my shirt,
we match movements one by one, I removing my shirt, you, your blouse.
You remove your bra, me, I pull off my undershirt. You undo your cloth
belt while I undo my leather belt. You unbutton and unzip at the side,
me in front and your skirt falls aside as my hands remove my pants and
pull off my shoes and socks and kick them away, now myself in
nakedness. You sit on the couch and remove your shoes and stockings and
we are both naked, you sitting on the couch in the red glow of twilight,
me standing in front of you.

You reach over and grab my hips and gently walk me to you, till I?m
standing there just before you, my cock half erect. You look at my
erection carefully, as if you are trying to memorize it. Your hands on
your naked thighs, you reach out your tongue and touch the tip of my
prick with it leaving a trail of wetness. You draw back and smile. I
step a bit closer.

I your reach behind me and press me one step nearer and part your lips
just a bit and nip the head of my cock, biting across the head with your
lips, pressing down the spongy flesh of the head making me more and more
sensitive, again and nibbling there till the sensitivity makes me draw
back and your quickly gab my hips and push me too you swallowing my cock
quickly, and full, pressing my shaft into your mouth, mashing your lips
against my body at base of my dick, shacking your head back and forth,
as I watch the length of my phallus push out the smooth concave shape of
your sucking cheeks.

Then slowly you run your lips up and down the length of my shaft,
sucking me hot, wet and firm, making slurping sounds, your eyes open
watching yourself work on my dick, humming in your throat a song like a
moan that translates to thrilling vibrations in my cock. You feel me
ready to cum and know how to handle a man. You suck me till the first
twitch of orgasm begins to take place, holding your mouth open and
tongue out, and as the first long release of semen falls from my cock
you circle my upper scrotum with your hands effectively ending
ejaculation as my orgasm works through my body, lengthening my shaft,
while you rub the head around and around the semen soaked surface of
your tongue before you suck me back in while my orgasm subsides and you
suck and swallow the cum, massaging the balls back into a comfortable

I get on my knees, slowly, and hold your thighs in my hands pressing
them apart and lean close to you and inspect your nipples in the
diminishing light. I lean in and lick up your nipples, first the right
and then the left, circling them over and over till they rise and
whiten, the dark circle deepens in hue. I lick down your stomach while
I hold your breasts in my hands, fill your navel with my tongue then
lick to your clitoris, where I linger and press you hard against the
risen bud, circling and tapping you with the tip of my tongue, then lick
you hard and fast, your hips arching to receive my feeling tongue.

You experience a climax quickly and but lastingly, you buck against my
licking tongue, entering your pussy deep inside and feeling the inner
texture of your cunt trembling in response to the entrance of the human
organ lapping at you. You moan your thanks feeling the back of your
neck prickle with pleasure and your spine quiver.

Suddenly I stand and as you shiver in a relaxing delight, after a
tremble, you look up and holding your breasts, you stand beside me, wrap
your arms around my neck, raise on your toes and kiss my mouth hard and
run your tongue around my mouth while I lick around on your lips and

Our mouths part and we learn back, eyes locked as I turn you around and
I step you back and to the side till you find yourself sitting on your
desk. You lay yourself back on the blotter as I brush aside the CEO pen
stand, the papers, the picture of your husband and stand at your
crotch. Your legs rise and circle my hips and I hold my cock just at
your outer lips, slowly penetrating past your inner lips, then deeper,
across you sensitive G-spot filling up your vagina. Your legs hug my
hips, forcing me to stay mostly in, though able to rock in and out, your
clitoris on fire with the rubbing.

You clasp the edges of the desk hard, your neck stretched out. your
breasts heaving over your arched back, as my thrusts rattle your whole
frame in massive slams of lustful drives.

Your mouth opens in gasps moans out your please, and I take the cue to
fill you with my sprays of ejaculation. Uncontrollably, I force, force,
force myself deeper, as the rich, thick cum gives up into your body. I
lay down on you and mash my hips to yours, fastening my cock base to
your pussy lips and we experience a deeper sensation then we have ever
before, as your hands release the desk and wrap around my neck, my
hands, up around your head holding your mouth to mine.

We together reach the peak of our arousal slope, in a profound ecstatic
sexual climax, the very skin that touches us expands our being into an
orgasmic climb, projectile in inner space, cresting and subsiding only
to pinnacle higher into inner peak of unlived experience. A meeting of
feeling surpasses as it proclaims, as it deepens as it widens, as it
flames through us as we fall into complete rest.

I find myself lifting you to the couch, laying you there, slipping a
cushion under your head, your eyes opening, a smile as your face me.
You reach out your arms and I enter them and kiss you one more time your
arms circling me.

Kneeling beside the bed, I lean back and watch your eyes smile. Your
lips, full with pleasure mouth, "Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year," I smile looking at the clock in the darkened room as
the two hands there touch, pointing straight up.

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