Lunch on the Beach...  

RottenApple70 48M
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8/6/2006 8:56 am
Lunch on the Beach...

It was a beautiful summer day... You picked me up for
our date. You thought I looked incredible wearing a thin summer
dress that hugged my curves in just the right
places... We drive to the coast for our picnic... We
take off our shoes and walk along the beach until we
find the perfect spot for our picnic.. Behind the
rolling dunes, just out of sight of the beachcombers

We spread our blanket and lay down.. We look into each
others eyes as we snack and talk the afternoon away...
You take a ripe strawberry and place it on my lips...
I took a bite and looked deeply into your eyes... you noticed
that my lips looked so inviting, wet with the ripe juices... You
leaned in and gently kissed me... slowly moving your tongue
along my lips until I opened my mouth slightly and
let your tongue explore mine.... As you pull away you see
in my eyes that I crave more than strawberries...
I push you onto your back and begin kissing you with
intense passion... I slowly unzip your pants and slide
my hand inside... I wrap my hand around your hard
cock and pull it free... As I lean over you, I look
into your eyes and gently kiss the head of your cock....
Slowly, I suck your entire length into my warm, wet
mouth... you moan with pleasure as I suck and slide your
cock in and out of my wonderful warm mouth... As you watch
me sucking your manhood, you slide your hand under my
dress... You caress my round ass and let your
fingers graze my moist spot... you pull my panties
down to my knees and then wet your fingers.. you slowly
insert your fingers into my waiting pussy.. I moan
with the pleasure that it brings me... I suck even
harder as you move your fingers in an out of me... Soon you
are almost ready to explode... you plead with me
"stop... I'm going to cum in your mouth"... I smile
and ignore your pleas... You can't hold back any longer...
You cry out "oh yesssss Dee... yes..." as your throbbing
cock spews your love into my warm mouth..... I
continue to suck and lick you, not loosing a single
drop of your thick cum... When I finish, you quickly
push me onto my back... "It's your turn" you tell

You pull my dress up, pull my panties from around
my knees and fling them aside.... The sight of my
exposed, wet pussy sends you into a frenzy... you eagerly
begin licking my sweet and very wet pussy. You gently
suck my sweet lips into your mouth and gently tug on
them... you begin licking the entire length of my
pussy in long steady strokes but you intentionally avoid
my sensitive part.... Your tongue circles my
engorged clit, but you don't give me the contact I
desire... Without stopping your eager lapping, you look up
at me.... My eyes are begging you to suck my wanting
clit, but You do not give me what I desire... You want
to hear me say the words... You continue teasing and
licking me, but not giving me what I really
want... Soon I can't take any more and I cry out
"suck me.... PLEASE suck me..." That was all you wanted
to hear.. you quickly suck my engorged clit into your
mouth and gently suck and massage it with your lips
until I begin moaning with pleasure... I am so
loud that you are afraid someone will hear but you don't
stop.. You continue sucking and licking me in long
steady strokes that end with your hard tongue flicking
my clit.. Soon I am writhing in pleasure and
screaming "OH YES... OH YES..." You know I am almost
there, so you quickly get up and place the head of your
hard cock at my entrance and thrust deep inside
me... The feeling of your hard cock filling my void
sends me over the edge.. You fuck me harder and faster
as I squirm and cry out in ecstasy... And then as you
cum deep inside me, splashing the walls of my pussy
with your thick love... my body becomes tense and then
begins to spasm with the orgasmic wave washing over
your wonderful cock...

Completely satisfied, we lie back on the blanket and
hold each other close... We look up and see my
panties hanging from a piece of driftwood... Like a
flag swaying in the warm summer breeze, in full view
of those beachcombers...

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