rm_Roryardri 69M
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7/14/2006 10:20 am

I wake to feel the warmth of you near; I smile. I roll over and just look at you. We are neither of us as young as we were, but you are so beautiful to me. I see your lids flutter and your eyes, still soft with sleep smile at me. You know I want you. It is warm, but you lie on your side, offering yourself to me. My hands caress the fullness of your breast, my thumb caressing your nipple as it rises. You breathe deeply. I savor the feel of your nipple beneath my thumb, and your breast in my hand. I know the feel of you, the fullness of you. It is written in my soul. My lips caress yours in a soft brush that promises. Your breath catches. I know that you are getting wet, and I smell you, though I know I cannot. I taste you. I feel you. I sigh. The world is far away and we are near. Your hand caresses my face, feeling the need to shave, and teasing my ear as only you can. I smile, and you know I will get my revenge, later. There is no need to hurry, but my need drives me. My hand slides down and under your shirt, to slide down the cotton panties. You raise your knees and they slide down to the abyss at the foot of the bed, to be retrieved later as a delaying tactic to your redressing.
My hand rests on your hip. Claiming. Possessing.
I do not ask your leave. My hand slides between your legs to explore that wet warmth that welcomes even as it demands.
I wake. Alone. The empty bed an indictment and a reminder. Would it have made any difference? I will never know.....

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