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I went to the funeral of my wife's grandmother today. It was amazing. The woman was 92. She had 'earned' the right to be as mean and nasty as she wanted to be.. and she was... but almost never to me. Her smile when she saw me was almost flirtatious. I think she liked me.
She died soon after a major heart attack so didn't linger long, though long enough to know that the time was near.
She had been a tyrant with her children and at times a bigot and a bully... but she also was a mother who fought as bravely as she could for her children.
Her daughters... now in their sixties and seventies, were all there, with their families and their 'baggage'. "I think he has AIDS", Her kids really a little 'wild'...don't you think. Didn't she gain a lot of weight... I smiled to myself, and when the priest spoke of the 'old days'...when diapers were cloth and had to be cleaned and hung outside, I had a story idea about an old woman who sat on her porch most of the spring and summer looking out at an old dying rose tree.... her stroke had left her with no speech but she seemed in no ill health.
Finally, her daughter, a stock analyst with a painfully acute IQ, could take no more. The men came and tore the bush up by its roots. The next day the woman sat in her chair and wept, silently, then when they went to bring her to dinner, she had passed.
At her viewing, her younger brother, a child of 88, asked,
"Still got the rose bush?"
"No. It was beyond saving."
He didn't speak for a long time . Then he nodded, and said,
"Dumbest thing. She saved all that crap from the children's diapers, and mixed it with that worthless soil, then when the diapers were done, she planted that stupid bush. Everyone was amazed how well, and how full, and beautiful it grew."
He knelt to say a prayer then moved to the pew behind the family, never seeing the tears that coursed down his niece's face.
Weird the things one thinks of at funerals. The Black Priest looked a little like Morgan Freeman. and they had removed one set of pews to make a space for handicapped access but left the kneeler, which I, of course, pointed out to my 20 year old daughter, which made her laugh with an embarrassed blush. Grandmom would have laughed out loud.

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7/14/2006 11:01 am

What a great story, Rory Sir! Thank you so much for sharing... and for bringing back many fond (and some not so fond) memories of this one's family as well.

*Smiles, kisses, n hugz*

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