Remembering... on a sweltered morn...  

rm_Roryardri 70M
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7/17/2006 5:49 am
Remembering... on a sweltered morn...

The heat is building, soon I will go to bed. I am thinking of a summer thirty years ago... yes i AM that Chris and Marlene, and Rick and I sharing a tiny apartment. Fortunately, none of us had much so we didn't need much. The hot Chicago summer was baking the breath from our lungs. Chris and I climbed out onto the roof next door and catching a breeze, we curled on a blanket and watched the Playboy Spotlight sweep across the Chicago sky.
An ardent feminist at that stage, Chris snarled and said , "Just Hefner waving his penis over the city.". Who knew that within a year she would be such a successful stripper and hustler.
I did not corrupt her. I did help her to keep honest with herself.
Working in a strip club, hustling drinks, being paid by the number of swizzle sticks, two for a 'double'. A 'very sweet old guy' Probably not unlike myself now thirty years later.. spent a few hours and almost a hundred dollars on her. She felt so consumed with guilt, until he came back two weeks later and spent another seventy.
Did he get value for his money?.. He seemed to think so. Chris was never not Chris, even when she wasn't.

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