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7/18/2006 12:49 pm
Hope Beckons

On War and Deat, I feel sick at heart for the families of the soldiers who die in our ugly little wars.
When we marched against segregation and for civil rights in the sixties, adn against Nixon's dirty little war we were, largely, ineffectual. Racism still lingers and the slogans of the day;
We Shall Overcome; Make Love Not War; Give Peace A Chance... are as valid and as meaningless today as they were then.
The pain and the embarrassment, and often the estrangement from friends and familywas a painful price for no clear prize.
So , was it wrong? The many people who saw the National Guard standing over the Students at Kent State; the people who watched in confused helplessness the trials of the Reverends Berrigan and the Chicago Seven; were they unaffected?
Was the cumulative groundswell of inadequate change the final compensation for the pain and tears? They have built no brave new world upon the ashes of the past. The treatment of the prisoners at Guantanemo; the suspension of civil rights; the lies and manipulations of the media by a government that continues to believe that the public... you and me... can not make sense of the 'greater issues' and are best led down the garden path.
We watch the news and it disquiets us. We don't know what to do, so we turn on Jeopardy or a re-run of Charmed and pretend the deaths in Lebanon, and so many other cities with faces not unlike our own , are of no consequence to us.
Why bother? Carpe Diem. Take what you can and the Devil take the hindmost.
No. Simply and unequivocably.... No.
Hate the war not the soldiers.
Hate the sin not the sinner.
The only thing in life that matters is that we follow the dictates of our hearts. Despite confusion, despite fear, or uncertainty; despite the baleful stares of friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. To follow the "Path with a heart" as Carlos Castanedas said. Or, if you like; "To thine own self be true .... and it follows.. thou canst be false to no man." as the Bard would have it.
We teach children that if anyone touches them in a way that 'makes them feel funny', or 'doesn't feel right' that they should tell a trusted grownup immediately. We seem more willing to trust the instincts of that five year old child than our own.
The next time you are watching the news and an item makes you 'feel funny' ..or doesn't 'feel right', Don't change the channel. Don't distract that insightful child within you. Turn off the television and become the trusted grownup. Listen to the child and think of what makes him or her un-comfortable, then follow the path with a heart.

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