Bi and the kiss of death  

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7/7/2006 5:16 pm

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Bi and the kiss of death

two women flirt in an open room, and twenty men, with tongues hanging out try to join in. Is there anything more erotically challenging than the idea of trying to be the meat in a tongue sandwhich..(ouch)?... But if a man says 'hey, nice cock, man.... in a general or even threesome room, he is as like to be met with ..."aren't you in the wrong room?" or
I have had a few pleasant interludes with men. When I was a young actor and still incredibly naive, I was 'seduced' by an older, urbane, witty and very gregarious gentleman who did not 'look' gay. When I realized what his interest was, I was as flattered and intrigued as I was shocked. We had some very pleasant sessions, though he realized that for me it was just a sensual play. He accepted that.
One of my friends from the theater later told me that she wondered at first if I were gay, since I was so reserved. She told me that two of the more Out gay actors laughed and told her I was totally straight.
I have had a couple of pleasant sessions since and enjoyed them, without feeling that it changed who or 'what' I am. I do not fantasize about men... does Johnny Depp count?.. I almost never see a man on the street or in a bar and say, wow.. I would love to play with that. I often see women who elicit that response. I have been married though unhappily for 23 years. I have never stopped appreciating and enjoying the loveliness and desirability of women. I am in inveterate flirt.
I do not admit to being bi..nor do I think of myself that way. I have heard the term cosmopolitan.. shrugs. Personally, I eschew such need for labeling. I can 'play' almost any part, but at core, I am a straight Dom. To thine own self be true and it follows as the night doth follow the day that thou canst be false with no man.''....
I long for a woman with whom I can be open and free. I do not necessarily desire to 'share' her, though the thought does not rankle. I do not wish to impose myself upon any other. I enjoy knowing that the moment is a gift.
I do go on.

scotslass1000 49F

7/8/2006 11:41 am

absoultely wonderful to read this...thank You

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