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Roguexxx3 49M
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8/21/2006 2:05 am

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True Friends

I've made several friends since becoming a member of this site. Some, who I have met, and Some, who I have only chatted with. I consider them all friends but some of you I consider True Friends and those of you in this category know who you are. These are the friends who have gotten to know the real me, not the Rogue I portray myself to be. These are the friends who have given me advice and have asked for my advice in return.
some of my friends speed down the road of life, in search of whats missing. They go from one train wreck to the next never finding what they are looking for and always ending up hurt. I hope they finally find what it is that is missing in their lives.
Some of my friends are selfish. They only talk when it is conveinant for them and it is always about them. They alwasy have to go when I want to talk about me.. We dont talk often, they are not true friends or even good friends.
New friends, I am always looking for new friends. They are always welcome and they have the potential of becoming True Friends.

Ready4Luuvn 49F

8/21/2006 2:59 am

I understand how your feeling exactly and I'm sorry someone(s) hurt your heart. It's amazing to me how one that you thought you knew, turns to be entirely different, or are they? Like you said, they're running from one extreme to another. I too, hope they find whatever it is. It's sad because the REAL problem is they're running from their "true self", trying to change. I will be your friend Rogue! I know how to be one!

Roguexxx3 replies on 8/21/2006 3:12 am:
I welcome your friendship ready4luuvn

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