Rantings of a fustrated Nice guy  

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5/20/2006 10:49 am

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Rantings of a fustrated Nice guy

Greetings all,
I am relatively new to the website and forum. I am returning to the swinging scene after some major fustrations and lack of intimacy in my current marriage of 10 years . I had a great time in the Twin cities, Minnesota where on several occasions I have been invited to several private parties and groups. I was more than expecting an even easier time here in "sophisticated" Chicago, where attitudes are "supposedly" more loose. Here are a few observations and questions:
What few responses I have received are rejections. I have no issues on rejections as they are expected based on personalities and desires. What is irritating are the sermons I receive on seeking sexual gratification outside of of my marriage. What is the deal with the "self Righteous" women on a forum that caters to men such as myself (especially if the do not specify that they are not looking for married men)?
Another observation are on the couples that insist on seeking women. I often wonder why there are no interest in opening or broadening their interest by exploring other options. Once again I have found more openess with the couples in MPLS/St. Paul, Minnesota. Of course there was the natural apprehension of meeting men they have not been with before, but I applaud their fortitude and adventureous spirit. We had a great time and was initiated to their private groups. Where is that same sense of adventure here? In one sense I can see the aprehension based on some of the more crass responses and profiles I have seen to date.
I have seen a lot of advertising on this website espressing various interest and desires. It is only a shame that there is very little courtesy on all parties parts for those who answer the ads placed here.
well, thats my observations and note on my fustrating time on this website. I haven't given up on finding what I seek on this forum, but I believe I will focus on website that are specific to what I seek (like "Ashley Madison"). I am open to any feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for reading my post and rant.

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