Wild Sex at the Sex Club Last Night - Just hanging around  

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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4/17/2005 4:12 pm

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Wild Sex at the Sex Club Last Night - Just hanging around

Well we had quite a group at the club last night. I went with my GF and one of the girltoys and my wife went with one of her boytoys. We met friends there, a really nice couple and was joined by a two other couples, one whom we knew and the other was new to us.

We got settled at a table and small talk ensued. We took the newbees on a tour of the facility, main room with dance floor, kitchen with snacks, poker room (really for playing poker not poke her...ok), two bedrooms, and a small alcove with a Sybian and a swing.

After about an hour of socializing, drinking, and dancing it was clear that some evil conspiracy was occurring between my wife, GF, and girltoy (this always leads to no good). I was asked to pull a ticket from a bowl for the first door prize drawing, and with my luck I drew our ticket. So we or should I say that my GF won a very big and very purple double headed dildo ("a really big dong"). This caused the three women to begin to discuss things in private.....again NO GOOD.

I had to excuse myself to assist another couple in finding the place, which took me out of the club for about 20 minutes....which of course let the girls run into the Sybian room and try out it out....both of them were sitting back at the table wobbly kneed and very wet. (DAMN....I missed it....double damn).

After a short bit my GF and girltoy dragged me back to one of the private bedrooms and got me undressed....woohoo you are thinking....well......... They then asked me to submit to being chained to the wall (yes the room was so equipped), so I agreed. So there I was, nekid, chained to the wall. The girls were getting nekid, kissing and fondling each other in an attempt to drive me crazy (and yes it was working). Suddenly the door opens and in breezes my wife and her boytoy. They were soon followed by one of the couples we knew. My wife in her typical way, took charge. She ordered the girls to put on a good show and threw them the double dong. Mike, the husband of the couple was told he could join in, so he got the girls in a good position to use the double dong. They were ass to ass with the dong inserted in each of the pussies and Mike holding it. They were working it good and moans were coming from each of them. And me? I was just hanging around.....still. To drive me even more insane, my wife threw her boytoy on the bed and yanked off her pants. She soon had him hard and had his hardon in her mouth giving him a killer BJ. Soon the girls rolled over and were on their backs and they were playing with each other. And me? I was just hanging around.....still.

My wife told Mike to get nekid and do the girls. Mike looked at his wife and she gave him the go ahead. In a flash he was nekid and between the two girls. First he worked Carol, then he worked on Sonya. It wasn't long before he was fucking Carol while Sonya played with her tits. Then he rolled over and fucked Sonya while Carol played with her tits. And me? I was just hanging around.....still.

My wife was still sucking her boytoys cock while he watched in awe of the 3some occurring right next to him on the bed. And me? I was just hanging around.....still.

Soon Sonya and Mike were locked in a 69 on the bed while my wife was sucking away. And me? I was just hanging around.....still.

But......yes.....my luck was about to change. Carol climbed off the bed and release me from the cuffs holding me against the wall......ahhhh yes.....free....free at last. I jumped on the bed with Carol and was soon eating her sweet and very wet pussy. After making her scream and cum, I climbed on board and starting fucking her good. Sonya was still in a 69 with Mike, but she was about to be reward for her efforts on his cock. As soon as Mike was finished, I rolled off of Carol and climbed on to Sonya. While I fucked her, Carol played with her boobs and pussy. I soon had her cuming and I was right behind her, filling up her pussy.

We were over the time limit on the private room, so we all threw out clothes on. Seven people stumbled out of the room as the a room full of people watched us.

Later in the evening my wife tried out the Sybian, Sonya tried the swing, there was some awesome lap dances given and received, and I got my head polished by a really nice pair of boobies.

All in all it was a fun evening.....even if I had to hang around for awhile and watch.

sxywickedwitch 55F
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4/25/2005 4:17 pm

awwwww poor baby... just had to hang around and watch LOL

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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4/25/2005 4:37 pm

Well I am a doer, not a watcher......nearly killed me.....gotta do....just cant hang around and watch...............AHHHHHHH so close........

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