Wife just got fucked good  

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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3/13/2005 9:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wife just got fucked good

Well.... off she went several hours ago to meet one of her boytoys that she met here on A.F.F. I have lost track of how many people she has hooked with from here.... I know that my track record is still 0 (but any sexy lady can help me break that dismal record...HINT HINT).

Anyway...off she goes to his house for some wild sex....and now she just came dragging her butt in. She is all smiles, so I know she must have gotten banged good.

I really do have to figure out how to break this slump...ok ok.... it can't be a slump if you never had a high point....and since my record of meeting ladies on A.F.F. is ZERO, the only way it could be a slump is if I am going in the negative numbers for wild sex.

Is that like time travel....negative sex....anyone have any comments?

Oh...gotta run, now its my turn to do the wife...anyone else like sloppy seconds? Mmm maybe in her case tonight I might be getting sloppy fifths.....lol.

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