WOOOHOOO good sex for me  

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3/2/2005 6:38 am

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WOOOHOOO good sex for me

Well last night was HOT. One of my GF's asked if I wanted to come visit and how could I turn down this young hot lady. I got to her place around 9:30 and let myself in. She had just taken a shower and was standing in the bedroom. We embraced and kissed....this girl can kiss. We exchanged small talk....actually we are good friends in addition to the lover angle.

I got her on the bed and started to eat her. After I made her cum for the .... I don't know...wasn't exactly keeping track (OK I lost count after 9), I got on top and you know what happens next. She screams, her legs over my shoulders, and we make like bunnies. Pausing for a few moments and slide back down and attack her clit with my tongue. After .... some number of screams and "OOOOHHHHHHH's" I go back to get on top and she rolls over and tells me "On Your Back". Hey who was I to argue, so I complied. This led to some excellent licking and sucking on her part. And then she sat on me...well sat is a bad term since her butt was still, but moving at rapid pace. I didn't want to be a 2 minute guy, so I held out for 15...ok...she came, I came. I moved to a different plane of existence for a few moments. And then we collapsed on the bed, well she did cause I was already laying there.

After snuggling and talking, it was time for me to leave, so I leaned over to give her a nice kiss and that did it. The more I kissed her the more she kissed back and guess what, off we went again.

Fast forward to this morning....me naked in bed, my other GF comes home and find me sleeping. I had joked about her waking me in the morning with coffee and a blow job. And guess what? The coffee was hot and so was her mouth. I got off, she got off and now its time to go to work.....sighs.

PS -- they are both on A.F.F, but they joined after I had already met them, so my score is A.F.F. 0. Anyone want to help me here???

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