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3/17/2005 5:40 pm

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Sex story

Here is a erotic story I wrote awhile back.... tell me what you think.

My First 3some

We arrived at house just before midnight. After several minutes of awkward introductions and chit chat it was decided that Sandi and him would go upstairs. And I would wait downstairs for fifteen minutes to allow them some privacy before I could go watch them fuck. I watched them ascend the stairs and disappear out of view. From the downstairs couch I waited, listening to the sounds of her moaning. To be honest the wait was one of the longest in my life.

As the appointed time limit had expired I quietly slipped up the stairs and found my way to his bedroom. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the room was only lit by the eerie glow of his computer screen, I could see them fucking. Sandi was on her back with her knees tightly drawn to her body as he rapidly penetrated with his long hard cock. He was totally focused on her. Sandi's eyes were closed as she moaned as his cock slide in and out of her bare cunt. I watched quietly for a few moments.

I leaned over and gently kissed Sandi. As I kissed her my hands found large breasts. Once I broke the kiss I stepped back and quickly removed my pants, my hiking boots were off sitting next to the couch downstairs. The honest truth was I had no intent to be a mere spectator. My cock was hard as I removed my shirt. I moved to the bed and presented my hard-on to Sandi. Her mouth opened and I slid my cock into her hot wet mouth. Her tongue teased the head of my of my cock as her hands rapidly moved on the shaft. He continued to fuck her with slow deliberate strokes he would completely withdraw from Sandi's cunt and tease her clit with the tip of his cock. Soon he pulled her legs up to his shoulders allowing his cock to plunged to it's full nine inches into her pussy. I watched the expression on his face, he stared intently at his cock as it moved in & out of Sandi's bare pussy.

After about fifteen minutes of servicing two cocks, he withdrew his cock. Sandi asked us what she should do. I told her to get on her hand & knees. She changed position, presenting him a wonderful view of her ass and open cunt. He began fucking her doggy style. I moved under Sandi stopping for a few moments to suck on her large and very hard nipples. Leaving her nipples I continued my journey southward. My tongue found her dripping wet pussy. From my vantage point I could see his cock stretching her swollen pussy lips apart. My tongue found Sandi's erect clit and began to dance across it. I took her clit between my lips. I love the taste of Sandi's pussy and eating her while she was getting fucked soaked my face her juices. She attempted to suck on my cock as I licked her clit and he fucked her, but all she could manage was to moan and cum. I could to work my tongue on her clit and pussy as she was getting fucked. She started to shake and cum and collapsed onto the bed.

He and I exchanged places, allowing me access to her wide-open wet pussy. He moved to her head and feed her his erect cock. Soon we got our rhyme as we worked our cocks in and out of her. She soon rolled over on her right side. This let me straddle her letting me to push my cock deep into her cunt. This also allowed me to slide a finger into her ass. I thought to myself if we only had another guy we could have filled all of Sandi's holes.

As I fucked her, I watch as she licked & sucked his cock. She took his cock completely into her mouth and then slowly let it slide out. Her hand began to massage his shaft as she works her tongue over his large cockhead.

I stopped fucking Sandi and move to her tits. My hands find her nipples and I begin to roll them between my fingertips. As I work her nipples, she continued to work his cock with her tongue. I watched intently as his hard cock fucked her mouth.

He told her that he wanted to fuck her some more and that she needed to get on her knees. She got on her knees and wiggled her ass telling him to mount her. He got behind her and slowly eased his cock into her sopping went pussy. He began to fuck her, slowly at first and picking up speed. I got in front of her and feed her my cock. After several minutes of sucking & licking my cock, I attempted to maneuver myself to lick her clit, but I was unsuccessful - the force of his thrusts and her location on the bed made it impossible for me to get under Sandi.

He was on the verge of cumming when Sandi started her 'O god O god' screams and began to shake and quiver. Wave after wave of orgasm hit her. He withdrew from her spasming cunt shooting his cum over her back. I sat there watching this erotic scene. When he was finished cumming I got Sandi to lie on her back. I dove between her legs tasting her freshly fucked cunt. After teasing her sensitive clit I mounted her slipping my hard cock to its full depth. The feel of her cunt, stretched open by his larger cock, made her feel different. After picking up the tempo of my thrusts I began to feel my balls tighten. 'ahhh damn damn' I screamed as I came in Sandi's pussy. She began to shake & quiver, indicating the on-rush of her climax. As she lay there smiling in the afterglow of her orgasm, he led over & kissed her deeply, their tongues meeting. As my cock softens in Sandi's warm wet pussy I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes and sighed.

fastlacey 41F

3/28/2005 7:32 am

this is one hot fuckin story I am so wet and rarin to go u are one hell of a writter to get me this wet.i feel like it was my pussy getting all the action as i closed my eyes and becan fingering my self my pussy pulsating so warm and wet can u imagin it yet, bringing my tit to my mouth and sucking nibbiling and biteing it mmmmmmmmmmm

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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4/2/2005 9:32 am

Ahhhh I am glad you liked the story and I would have loved to been there when you read it <WEG>

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