Responding to mail  

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1/24/2006 8:17 am

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Responding to mail

I guess I am just going to vent for a moment. I rarely send notes to people here on A.F.F. because typically there are only a few that don't put the red X next to age. So I respect that and don't bother them. I read profiles carefully before sending any note.

Only one or two have ever corresponded back saying "Thanks, but no thanks". The vast majority leave you wondering if A.F.F. delivered the mail. I suspect so, and they are too caught up in themselves to respond back.

I especially like the automated response that says "we will get back to you", they never do. My only thought is, if you have a message like that, then respond or change your message to "Hey thanks for note, if we are interested you'll hear from us, if we aren't, FUCK OFF and have a nice day."

So feel free to comment (ah what I actually mean is FUCK OFF and have a nice day).

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