Our First House Party - Wild Wild Hot Sex  

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4/7/2005 8:15 am

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Our First House Party - Wild Wild Hot Sex

Well, this is the true story of our first house party....it was ugly (well from my point of view). We had been invited to attend a house party of select couples, 7 in all (so it would be 7 women and 7 guys....right?, read on to find out).

We only knew one of the couples attending and they told us it would be fun and exciting. So off we went. Arriving at the house, we were introduced to the host and hostess. He was an Army pilot, about to head off to Korea for a year, so we wanted a wild send off. We made small talk for about 30 minutes and were never introduced to the others, whom all seemed to know each other. Our friends had not arrived yet. The hosts suggested we all go swimming in the pool, so everyone headed that way. Unknown to us, the hostess was not feeling well and retired to the bedroom, where she stayed the rest of the evening (so now there was 5 women and 6 guys....one couple hadn't arrived yet).

Everyone jumped in the pool and began to gather in little groups, not knowing anyone we floated around by ourselves, until the host was kind enough to take my wife (then GF). He wanted to talk to her, get to know her better, and introduce her to the others. So I floated around the deep end of the pool as everyone began to kiss and hug. Slowly but surely people got out of the pool and wandered back into the house. After about an hour in the pool I realized I was alone.

Feeling a bit left out (I tend to be really shy around people I don't know) and somewhat water logged, I got out of the pool and wandered towards the house. I figured maybe they were in the kitchen snacking and talking. Entering the kitchen, it was empty. But the sounds of sex were emanating from the living room. So I poked my head around the corner and saw 6 pairs of bodies engaged in sex. Looking around I saw my wife with the host, they were nekid, kissing and fondling. So I made my way over to them and knelt by her side and leaned down to kiss her. He looked up at me and said "we like a little time to ourselves, do you mind?". I stammered ok and wandered over to another couple, who shooed me away. Realizing I was the odd man out, I looked around the the missing woman and couldn't find her.

Back in the kitchen I sat there for about 30 minutes, drinking and snacking. I finally said enough is enough and got dressed. As people wandered out, they gave me the odd look as to say "why is he dressed?". One of the older couples, he liked to think of himself as the lifestyle advisor because of his 20 odd years in this life, took me aside and wanted to talk to me.

We went out to the workshop and he asked what was my problem. My problem? well I told him, I felt kinda left out and bored and really not having much fun at all. He explained that one should not have any expectations at a party and just go with the flow, did I understand that. I looked at him with that look as if he had a dick growing out of his forehead, this guy just wasn't getting it. I had gone with the flow and was shut out. Since there was more men then women, the party was unbalanced and the host was doing nothing to fix that since he was banging my wife while I ate chicken wings.

I told Mr Senior Lifestyle Advisor that I was leaving the party and politely to mind his own business. I went back to the kitchen to find my wife laughing and generally having a good time. Seeing me dressed she realized that something was wrong. Taking me aside she asked what was up. I told her what had happened and she explained that Rick wanted sometime with her and assured her that I would find someone to play with, never explaining that his wife was locked in the bedroom and not playing.

She asked what I wanted to do and my response was to leave, let them do whatever they wanted to do, I didn't know anyone there and it seemed that no one wanted anything to do with me, other than render useless advice for the wrong situation.

I told her she could stay or she could leave with me, but I was headed to the truck. She said she was with me and went off to get dressed. A few people, sensing that things were not right asked why she was leaving.....was I that invisible to these people??? I said I was partied out, why too much fun for me in a very sarcastic tone and one had the nerve to ask if she could stay.

Needless to say we left, vowing never to attend another house party.

Unfortunately my wife left her sun glasses there and we had to go back the next day. Everyone was still there, having spent the night. They were all in the pool carrying on, while the host BBQ'ed. My wife ran up to the house and I expected her to return shortly. Five minutes went by, then 10. Soon one of the couples came out to convince me to rejoin the party. No, sorry, was my answer. Then the host came out and asked. After I said no, he asked if my wife could stay since I was being a dick and party pooper. I looked at him realizing I really just didn't like him, he had made my despised persons list.

My wife came out and asked if I would reconsider rejoining the party. After I told her what the host had said, she climbed in the trucked and we drove off.

It took us nearly 4 years to accept an invitation to attend a lifestyle party at someone's house. These have been more social events, then a small gathering of a few couples for sex.

We have never heard from the host and hostess again and only have run into two of the couples that were at that party. Needless to say, we have never partied with them.

The bottom line was that everyone, less me and the hostess (who was hiding in the master bedroom) had hot wild sex. So for everyone, it was a good time.....sighs.

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