I can read, so are you BI?  

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12/16/2005 2:26 am

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I can read, so are you BI?

Well continuing my surfing of profiles I have come across another winner (Now I also realize that there are people laughing and making fun of my profile....well that is a lie, cause no one reads mine.....LOLOL ). Here was a upfront, kinda angry profile that seems that she had been hit up many times and got tired of responding to inquiries concerning her profile, BUT However..... don't you just love those caveats...LOL.... she says she is BI (got it? B I ) and NOT BI CURIOUS.... OK I understand your BI, but my questions is why do you check the I AM STRAIGHT block on your sexual orientation. If your that anal about people reading your profile, then you should do the same, with yours first.

"Learn to READ the fucking profile and not just look at the pics........."

"I can't stand dishonest people, so if you're on here to play games, don't bother to mail me, I've come across too many fakes on line already, and I don't find that crap amusing. I AM BI....not Bi-curious, I've figured it out already!"

AcceptableRisk3's Information:

Gender: Woman
Birthdate: November 29, 1967
(38 year old)
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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