Hot wet morning sex  

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3/14/2005 10:03 am

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Hot wet morning sex

OK....I did the wife last night very nicely from behind (well, actually it was a good hard rock thumping session of doggy style sex) after I ate her used pussy till she screamed no more. OK I lied she didn’t scream no more, she just shook and quivered with her orgasm.

Fast forward to this morning.... I woke up still horny, isn’t that awesome for a man of my advanced years (LOL I was told by some 20ish couple that they were amazed that people our age were still having sex...checked my profile to ensure I didn't put 1925 as the year I was born....sheesh people....I ain't that old).

Where was I? ah yes, morning horny.... well there comes the GF. I just grab her, get her clothes off and throw her on the bed, narrowly missing the dog. He knows the deal and gets that pissed look in his eye, thinking to himself, no way in hell I am getting off the bed so you can do the bitch...NOOOOOOOOO. As I tell him to move he slowly jumps off the bed and moves into the closet. No no he ain’t gay, he just likes the closet...never mind. back to the nekid GF on the bed. Let me tell you, she has an awesome pussy, big fat lips and an above average clit that just loves to get hard. I like meaty, clean shaven pussies.

So there she is nekid and I just dive in licking and sucking at her pussy till she screams and moves, nearly severing my nose from my face. She is wet and her juices are dripping off my face. We kiss and she licks my lips...(pssst...she is bi and loves the taste....ain’t life great).

I just jump on her slipping my cock deep inside of her and we fuck like rabbits till she yanks on the nipples (which are somehow wired to the Its Time To Cum Button). Several hard tugs and I am filling her to the brim.

Ahhh ain’t morning sex just grand.

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