Hot Anal Sex III  

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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3/30/2005 5:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hot Anal Sex III

Since I have been unsuccessful in deleting the duplicate post, here I am editing them to be something else.

Best position for anal sex? doggy, woman on top, missionary??

What is yours? Mine.....mmmmmm..... doggy or missionary, but will never turn down a woman that wants to sit on my cock.

research221 60M

3/31/2005 7:30 pm

doggy is my favorite although if she wants something else, she gets something else. Ladies choice.

rm_RogueDragon 61M
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4/2/2005 4:41 am

I agree totally, it should be the ladies choice, after all it's her ass. And I am all about making sure the lady gets all the pleasure she can.


4/5/2005 7:33 pm

Damn right its ladies choice! hahaha. its my ass, if I invite you in, you should be grateful. its not a privilige i let just anyone enjoy. I'm sure you would feel the same way if it was your ass. Its nice to see the guys who posted here understand and respect that.
Oh, by the way, i like all three positions mentioned, but my favorite is definitely on my back, bent in half with my feet on my headboard, knees next to my ears, and you on top mm mmmm mmm

rm_HotGuynFay 53M
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8/20/2005 11:12 am

So Play, you like doing it in da butt? call me

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