Scylla & Charibdys  

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5/17/2006 6:21 am

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Scylla & Charibdys

It's been a while...since all factors have come into alignment the way they have this early in the day. You see, it's become one of those where all things touched, all things seen, and all things heard are stirring vivid memories deep within. It must have started last night with a call from a colleague at work...concerned with the recent dismissal of several associates, and the continued discussion of integrity, loyalty, and hard work.

It's continued early this morning having turned on the t.v., seeing the news and flipping channels. Life is happening and it feels more like I'm it "mid-life" that has a hold on me...if it even exists? Are the expectations too high...? Or is it a deep longing for the fantasy that has eluded me...the longing for something much more? I'm feeling the grip today...stuck between the "rock & a hard place."

jdocfunguy 51M

5/19/2006 4:42 pm

Love your post title.....

It's all about the connections. Life happens through interaction with others. I know, in my case, the connections are few and far between. It's a defect in my personality. It's also because I'm more cautious than others. Being cautious is not all bad because I'm quick to recognize the mistakes of others. "What were they thinking" or "Didn't they realize that would happen", I'll say.

However, people who have 'drama', which is what we call 'life', tend to relate to others that allow the drama to happen to them, ie make the same mistakes. "Oh, I've been through that", they'll say. The trick is that some people have so many experiences or are so good at selecting the experiences that the good ones stand out for them.

At least you have a better shot than I do to have good experiences on here. I can tell because women come to read your blog. All I get are guys.

Keep up the faith.

RogueAgent000 replies on 5/20/2006 7:42 am:
Worry not...I've discovered that it sometimes takes several steps backwards in order to move forward. Sometimes good experiences are our own creation...I'd wager to guess that your time is not far away. Stay the course, no matter how difficult; and thanks for stopping by.

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