First Weekend  

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5/30/2006 8:51 pm
First Weekend

We had been dating for a while, but this was our first weekend away together since the divorce was final. Although it would have been nice to fly to some huge, all-inclusive, resort in the Caribbean, we decided to drive down to Miami and spend an intimate weekend at a bungalow on the beach. I had loaded the car with our things while you were finishing getting ready. When you stepped out and announce that you are ready to go, you are a stunning vision. You have this style that I call sexy classy. Not being one to wear shorts, you are wearing a short skirt, with a fitted, off the shoulder, cropped, top that shows off your flat stomach and accentuates your breast, and some strappy high heels. The cool air of the house had your nipples standing at attention. Normally, this was something that you would be self conscience about and try to cover them, but you know how much I like it when they show. I wrap my arms around you from behind and pulled you close, kissing your neck and whispering how good you looked in your ear. You press back against me, feeling my growing excitement against your derriere. As I kiss your neck and shoulders, you can feel my warm breathe on your skin and my hands roaming over your body. I run my hands down over your stomach, across the soft material of your skirt to your bare legs, then back up until I cup your breast in my hands and my thumbs search out your nipples. You wiggle your ass against me, moan ever so softly, and remind me that we need to go before we get too distracted and abandon the whole weekend away idea. As we drive down the turnpike towards our destination, the sun is shining through the moon roof warming you. I keep stealing looks at you ever so often. You look so good! You wrap your arm through mine on the console and snuggle up to me, kissing me lightly on the cheek and smile. “It feels so good to be next to you like this” you exclaim, squeezing my arm. I smile back at you and reply “Yes, it does.” I place my hand on your leg, stroking the length of your thigh. You reach over and run your hand up my leg and give my hardening member a squeeze; a very bold move on your part. Like a little spider monkey, you bounce around in your seat, lean over the console, and plant a kiss on my lips. “I am so excited about this weekend. Looks like you are too!” you exclaim. I ask you “Feel like being a little adventurous?” You cautiously reply “Maybe…what are you thinking?” “Lose the underwear.” You giggle, and quickly say “I can do that!” And you reach under your skirt to slide them off. You hold them up to me and quip “There ya go!” You lift your skirt and flash me a peek, giggling “Oops, no panties!” You are so excited and energetic; it’s so nice to see you so full of life. The place we’ve rented for the weekend is absolutely perfect. There is a large deck with lounge chairs…a garden with an outdoor shower…a large free form pool. There’s a beautiful view of the ocean and we can hear the waves crashing on the beach. The sky is clear with just a few small clouds moving through to provide some shade ever so often. You walk over to the rail surrounding the deck, looking out over the yard, you let out a relaxing sigh and then turn around to wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me. “Thank you, Honey” you whisper. You scurry off to the bedroom to change into your bikini while I finish bringing in the bags. You emerge from the bedroom shortly wearing a small, pink, polka dot, bottom with rhinestones along the thin, string sides. You spin on your toes to show me the back, and then bend over at the waist, giving me a nice view of your ass. You look back at me and giggle, “You like it?” “I do!” “Where’s the top” I ask. “No tops for me this weekend; I’m free boobin! Who knows, maybe by Sunday, I won’t have nuttin’ on but the radio? What do you think about that?” “Sounds like a challenge to me.” I reply grinning widely. “I’ll be out on the deck. Hurry up so you can join me. I need you to make sure I have enough lotion on all my sensitive areas.” You announce as I head back out to the car. I finished unloading the car and change into my shorts. I walk out on the deck carrying a cold Bud Light for you. You thank me and take a drink. You look at me and ask “What with the shorts?” “What do you mean?” I ask. “I mean ‘why are you wearing shorts?’” “You don’t think I should be?” “Nope, lose ‘em! You’re my naked cabana boy this weekend!” and with that you grab the sides and pull them down. I step out of them and you toss them towards the door. I’m standing there naked, my cock swollen and erect. “That’s better, but we can’t have you walking around like that.” You swing your legs over the side of the lounge chair and your face is right in line with me. You wrap your fingers around it and lick the head of it. You open your mouth and slowly take me inside, slicking it with your saliva. As you pull back, your hand comes with you, pumping it. You slide your hand and mouth back down onto it and begin to work it faster, determined to bring me over the edge. The site of you going down on me and the sensation is incredible. You pull your mouth off but continue to stroke me with your hand. You reach over with your other hand and grab your beer, taking a swig, and holding it in your mouth until your tongue and mouth are cool. Then you swallow and wrap your lips around me. The cold sensation of your mouth in contrast to the warm sun is overwhelming. You feel my balls tighten and my cock begin to throb. Just as you pull off I shoot a stream of cum on your lips and chin. The rest shoots onto your chest and in your hand as you pump the last few drops out of me. You kiss the tip of my cock and wipe your lips and chin with it. I hand you a towel and you wipe the rest off your chin and chest. I bend down to kiss your lips. I can taste my cock on your tongue as it plays with mine. Our lips gently part and I push you back into your chair. “My turn” I whisper to you. “Oooo” you reply. I kiss my way down from your lips to your breast, taking your hard nipples in my mouth. I suck and pull on each one with my teeth, bringing it to full erection. You gently push my head further down as your cute little butt squirms in the lounge chair. I place my mouth on the thin material of your bathing suit and breathe out ever so softly. You can feel the heat of my breath through the material. You gently hold my head against you as you raise your hips off the chair. I slide my hands under the straps of your bottoms and gently pull them down. As they come off, I treated to the site of your trimmed and shaved snatch. “Surprise” you giggle. “I shaved it just for you.” It’s so beautiful, so sexy, and oh so absolutely perfect. You’ve shaved everything but for a small strip at the top. I can’t help myself; I bury my face in your snatch, licking you, inhaling you, like a starving man. Your juices are flowing and I’m catching every drop with my tongue. I suck your clit in between my lips. My tongue dives deep inside you. God, you taste wonderful. You’re so wet; the wettest I’ve ever seen you. My hands massage your ass, lifting you up so I can bury my tongue deeper. You’re squirming in the lounge chair, gasping, moaning, “Eat me…ohhh yes! That’s it! That’s it! Oh my god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” You push my head away and bring my face to yours, kissing me on the lips. “Thank You” you whisper, look me in the eyes, smile, and kiss me again. We decide to utilize the outdoor shower before heading into the house to dress and go out to dinner. At dinner, you’re wearing the short, red, off the shoulder, dress that you bought just for this weekend. You are absolutely stunning; so incredibly beautiful. We’re sitting at the table; I’ve got my hand on your bare leg, stroking it back and forth. You lean over to me and whisper in my ear “I have another little surprise for you. Not only am I free boobin all weekend, I’m also going commando.” My eyes pop open as you smile naughtily, uncross your legs and push my hand higher. My fingers rub over your muff and down to your bare skin. I can feel the warmth and wetness as my fingers begin to explore. Your eyes close and you let out a sigh. We’re both brought back to reality by the waiter asking if we’re finished and would we like any dessert. I smile at him and say “No thank you. We’ve got dessert at home.” You giggle as he smiles a knowingly and thanks us for coming. As we drive back to the bungalow, you are all over the place, kissing me, hugging me, bouncing around. “Oh my god, I haven’t felt like this in years! This is wonderful! I feel like I’m living! I want to do things. I want to take a walk on the beach when we get back!” “But you hate sand” I reply. “I know, that’s what makes it so crazy!”, you quip. “And when we get back from our walk, I want to make love in the outdoor shower under the moonlight! How’s that sound, cabana boy?” “It sounds excellent, my love. It sounds excellent.” The rest of the weekend was full of just as many surprises, but I’ll have to tell you about those another time.

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