A Friend;y Visit  

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6/23/2006 9:31 pm
A Friend;y Visit

It was back in the fall of 2003 and my ex-wife’s friend, Tina, had come down to visit. We were all in the bedroom watching some video of a trip you two were on together or something. You two were sitting up on the bed and I was sitting on the floor at the end of it. You two were talking about the video and how good it was to see each other and what fun you had had on that trip. Then the video switched scenes and you two were on the beach...the nude beach! You were each playing up to the camera, squeezing your breast, bending over, spreading your legs, flashing your pussies and all. You two were being really quiet, so I turned around to look at you and you were kissing each other! You had your hand on her tits, pinching her nipples and her hand was down the front of your pants rubbing your pussy. My mouth dropped open and I was like "what the...?” You both just kind of smiled at me and went back to kissing and rubbing each other. Then you pulled off each other tops and took off your shorts. You lay back as she kissed her way down to your chest and began sucking on your nipples. Her hand was still playing with your pussy and your legs were spread wide, giving her plenty of access. You had one hand on her head, guiding it towards your pussy, and the other was all over her tits, squeezing and pulling them. You would run your hand down her stomach to her pussy and rub her juices all over it. I could see you both were soaking wet. She got on her knees between your legs and started eating your pussy like crazy. You were raising your ass off the bed and pulling her head in to it. You said to me "Look at her pussy, isn't it nice, all cleanly shaved?" Then you said, "Do you want to lick it? She really likes that." I just shook my head up and down. You said, "Eat it, Babe, I want you to eat her pussy" I got down between her legs and rubbed my hands all over her ass, spreading her open. I put my face between her cheeks and run my tongue up the length of her pussy. She practically screamed into your pussy as my tongue went over her clit each time. You kept saying "Yeah, eat it! Eat it good!" As I ate her and she ate you, you were both withering around moaning and screaming. You looked at me and mouthed "Do you wanna fuck her?" I shook my head up and down. You asked Tina, "Would you like Rocky to put his cock inside you?" She moaned into your pussy "Ummm Hummm” and wiggled her ass around. I pulled off my pants and got up behind her. She was so wet; it didn't take much effort to slide all the way in. I began to pump in and out of her, each stroke in pushing her mouth into your pussy. You were looking at me straight in the eye, mouthing the words "I Love You", and smiling. I mouthed back "I love you too." You pushed her head away and said, "Wait a minute, I want to watch." You turned around and slid underneath her into a sixty-nine. You pushed her head back down onto your pussy and told me to fuck her and make her come. I'm pounding my cock into her pussy, her juices are running down her legs and you’re licking them up. Ever few strokes you pull my cock out of her and suck the juices off of it and then put it back in her pussy. You smack my ass and tell me "Harder! Fuck her like she's never been fucked before!" The harder I fuck her, the more she moans as she's eating your pussy. You ask her "You like that Tam, you like having Rocky's cock in your pussy?" She's raises up, breathing hard, and gasps "Oh God Yeah! It feels so fucking good! Thank you." As she starts to shake and come, the juices pore out of her pussy, running down my cock and all over my balls. You lick my balls and tell me "Now it's my turn! I want you to fuck me like you did her." You two flip over, and I slide my cock into you. It’s still slick from her pussy juice and you’re soaking wet, so I slide it all the way in the first stroke. She's watching as I fuck your pussy two inches above her face. Her tongue reaches up and flicks over your clit as my cock slides in and out. Her hands are running all over your back and down to your ass, spreading your cheeks apart. My balls are smacking against you as I pump in and out. You've got your face buried in her pussy, licking her clit and pumping your fingers in and out of her. I'm about to come, you can feel my cock starting to throb inside you and you scream "Yeah, that's it, come in my pussy!" I start pumping my load into you, you come, your pussy is clenching down on my cock milking every last drop out of it. Tina is catching my cum in her mouth as it overflows out of your pussy, eating it up. I pull my cock out and she takes it in her mouth sucking it clean, then she buries her head in your pussy, catching my cum as it drips out of you, and licks you clean. We all fall onto the bed, drained and tired for a nap. She says "Thanks, you two" as we drift off to sleep. I wake up later to sound of the water in the shower going. I look in and you two are cleaning each other up. I go back and lay down. I'll get ready when you two are through. Then we'll go out for some dinner, drinking, and dancing...and all be ready for another round when we get home.

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