WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!  

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4/2/2006 12:19 am

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Got invited to 1 of those all night pass out till your drunk parties. I've hadn't done that since i was 18. I'm amazed at the type of clothing worn at these parties now, however i must agree to the old saying "if u got it flaunt it." There was plenty of flaunting going on and after about 2 cases and 3 shots, a dip in the pool seemed nice.

I wasn,t the only heading to the pool there was about 20 others, yet we had a problem. that was quicqkly decided by a couple of us. NO TRUNKS NO PROBLEM FREE FOR ALL. you guessed it the pool soon became a mass of naked bodies that turned into a roman feast. I can't recall much except for this 1 asian beauty who invited me to join her and her girlfriend. I began by gently kissing her friend then her. kissing her neck as her friend was caressing her breast. I slowly kissed my way down to her breast as her friend was kissing my back, every now me and her friend would kiss each other too. I kissed her friend brest rolling my toung over her nipples sucking on them, and then doing the same to my little asian angel.
I kissed her thighs and then her inner thighs slow kissing her just below her moist pussy lips. I kissed her pussy lips then licked all around her clit teasing her as i did.I stopped for a second , then she moved her pussy over my face, and i began to stick my tong inside her as her friend began to st addle my cock. I can,t say who came first all i know is that I woke up my little asian angel next to me.

online4now 52F

4/5/2006 7:37 pm

and you remember all that?
it is a scarey world nowdays the things you can catch don't always have a cure!

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