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3/27/2006 2:10 am

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The title speaks for it self. I'll be the first to admit that iv had sex on the job. We both worked the late shift. It started off just as fun playing around with each other. Then one night it happen we were walking together when she tripped. I reached out and caught her. She was leaning on my shoulder as i moved her hair away from her face and by accident we kissed. Then we kissed more passionately. Her hands reached around to the front of my pants. She played with my cock inside my paints. Her fragrance was intoxicating that i gently kissed her necked, as she undid my belt i started to undo her shirt i kissed her small breast sucking her nipples. She undid her pants and i took off my shirt. I gentle laid her on the fur couch It was their that i fucked her for the fist time. it was short due to time of 5 o'clock and she was getting off in 30 minutes. I never saw her again du the fact she moved.

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3/27/2006 3:18 am

Let me see. I had 2 jobs before I started college and was never interested in any of my former colleagues. Plus, I always leave on the spot after I'm done with my shift or job So no sex on the job for me.

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