RockPebble 70M
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1/10/2006 6:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Is it possible that a lot of the crude posts and emails that women receive are due to a simple miscommunication? When a woman writes "no strings sex" do most men read "no frills sex"? Or are we just closet KDs with almost no self control?

ohsodelicious 58F
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1/10/2006 8:12 pm

I don't think it is a miscommunication...if a woman says 'no strings' that's what she is looking for on this site...however, she is still a 'lady' and should still be treated as such...that should not mean she is open game for every rude, crude, crass and disrespectful email/posts or comment some of the guys send. Those guys {who post crude remarks} should probably realize...that a little more 'class' would most likely, get them a little more 'ass'...

Kisses OhSo

RockPebble 70M
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1/11/2006 6:57 pm

I agree. Maybe I should have said misunderstanding. I hope you didn't think I aprove of those clowns. The only good thing about them is they make me look better and that isn't what any of us really want. To be the best of a bad lot is damning with faint praise. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

RockPebble 70M
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1/19/2006 4:52 pm

Thanks for stopping by. Some women do post it and I guess some men believe it.

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