We've rejoined AFF this is where we met  

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5/2/2006 3:33 am

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We've rejoined AFF this is where we met

After an extremely HOT HOT session of oral sex last night and he goes off to work ...
Yay the children are all back to school from holidays and i have a day to myself. On leaving his second last comment was sleep all day baby you deserve it .... mmmm I Love You he says as he kisses me good bye until wednesday night . Hes always away with work tuesdays so its pretty much my day ... well it used to be. We finished moving into a new house this past weekend. Seems everyone knows where we live now because as soon as i get kids off to school and think well thank goodness for peace the door step is invaded with visitors.. First the sister in law , then the auntie n then the fridge repair man ..... hes gone peace at last ??
nope another auntie with bags and bags full of clothing etc for children .
She must stockpile clothes because my lounge floor which was btw spotless is now covered in clothes that i have to sort ...
But i dont want to sort them im still day dreaming about last night , im horny and decide todays the day we find our ..... lets call em roots lol .... you see my partner and i met right here on AdultFriendFinder we dated once and decided that we wanted to spend every day for the rest of our lives in each others arms and here we are.... After committing our lives to one another we also decided we wanted to share one more thing something extremely special and worth more than gold .... a child of our own and whilst people all seem to think we're insane we tried and concieved. Im due in 9 weeks and one day but whose counting???? well besides us !
My fantasy is to experience another womans body, Robs all the man i will ever need but i would love ... or is that lust ? to go down on a woman and experience what Rob does everytime he goes down on me for hours. He has experienced the whole threesome and couple / couple thing several times and enjoyed it all for the most part with his ex wife and wants me to experience my fantasy he says i can go it alone but i want to share this with the man i have given my heart to so here we begin our search i guess and see how it goes from here. We plan on marrying as soon as his divorce is final and i cant Wait neither can he !!!
The children are all in bed now and im waiting for Rob to give me my good night i love you call this is a tuesday night ritual after that im off to bed mmmm to fantacise about making love to him over and over again..... Thank goodness for sex toys is all i can say for now Ive been horny all day and night and hes not even home to fix the predicament lucky i had plenty of practice before him in pleasing myself im almost an expert now... sweet dreams and be good !!!!

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5/2/2006 4:33 am

welcome to blogging

can't we be.... ummm.... better? ~innocent lewk~

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