I LOVE!!! to write  

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5/2/2006 3:59 pm
I LOVE!!! to write

Well kids all off for yet another day of school , sister in law is in hospital about to give birth , my other half still away and thinking he will be away for yet another night and me well here I am.

The days just begun and ive got the writing bug Ive posted a few of my erotic stories in the Magazine here on AdultFriendFinder and if my mind clears from all around me I'm going to write a new story. I havent written in so long , my minds just been so over taken with our new life i havent been able to concentrate... well i have but id prefer to be doing than writing about *doing* and seeing as i wont be *done * so to speak anytime today guess writing will have to fulfil this aching between my legs for the time being any how .

I spent a lot of time checking out other people s blogfs etc last night and you really should forgive my boring you if i am this is all new to me and lets be honest i have no idea what the hell im doing!!!! Im know no one on here im just sharing my thoughts a little.... I tried to reply to Goddess and thank her for the welcome to blogging and seems i have to be a paying member to do so ???? Thankyou Goddess

It had been a long day. All I wanted was a long hot shower and to relax. Then I remembered Marty I was meeting him at my place we were going out for a few quiet drinks. It’s my night off I don’t get them very often. The children were all at their fathers and I just felt like putting my feet up. The phone rang just as I walked through the door. Throwing my keys on the bench I slowly walked to the phone, who ever it was will either keep ringing if they really want me or call later. Picking up the receiver it was Marty I lay back on my bed as I spoke to him.
” Just on my way over anything you would like me to grab on the way?”
Marty 44 a little older than myself, but he was like my closest friend. We had been out to dinner a few times but never anything serious. He knew all my little secrets and He shared his with me. Almost a match made in heaven though we weren’t quite matched.
“You sound tired you sure you want to do this?” he asked me sounding concerned “Yes honey come on over I just need to shower and relax a little before we head out.” I replied and with that he just said well see you soon then and we hung up.
I lay on the bed for a few minutes before motivating myself to make a move for the shower. I stepped out of my clothes and threw them in the laundry on my way past. I was turning the shower on just as Marty arrived.
“Come straight in Marty I think its open “
But he knocked I must have latched the door on my way in. I grabbed a towel and hurried down the hall to let him in. Stopping suddenly there stood my boss. She was a short women red hair, and the nicest boobs I had ever set eyes on. I opened the door blushing a little and excused myself to grab a robe. When I returned I was greeted by Marty armed with food and enough drinks to do the entire evening.
“Thought we would stay in” he chanted and winked at me as he kissed my cheek.
I sighed, it was kind of a relief I wasn’t really up to going out it had been a huge day at the office. I sat on the lounge holding the robe closed. Dawn, my boss had just popped by to let me know how pleased she was with the work we had been doing lately. She was a good boss and every guy in the office always ogled at her breasts which never seemed to be fully in her clothing.

We chatted a while longer and she stood saying she must head off and let us get on with our evening plans. Both Marty and I looked at one another and at the same time invited her to stay. She agreed after we reassured her it was okay she wasn’t interrupting any great plans just a quiet night. Marty went to the kitchen to get the glasses and I headed up to the bedroom to get some clothes on. I just slipped a summer dress on and my black g string. So much for my shower. Oh well.

We all sat and ate dinner, talking about office antics and then about how Marty n I had become such close friends. We were all getting a little loud from the alcohol, but we were having fun laughing at each others jokes and stories. Dawn needed to use the ladies so I stood and led the way as she walked by me she placed her hand under my dress on my arse and gently squeezed. Thank you sweetie she said and then went into the toilet. I walked back down the hall to Marty. He looked so cute sitting there with a smile on his face. He was having fun. I’m pleased this evening turned out as it has. He is normally very quiet but tonight he is opening up I leaned down and kissed him, brushing my lips gently across his. To my surprise he kissed me back.

His tongue teasing my tongue I was bent over kissing my best friend and it wasn’t bothering me I then felt hands on my arse lifting up my dress. It was Dawn, feeling her remove my g I didn’t object. Marty was as shocked as I was but instead of reacting he just stood and embraced me kissing me harder on the lips.
My hands found his growing bulge in his pants as our tongues stayed dancing with one another. I rubbed my hand over his cock hard, he didn’t object…. So I proceeded to undo his pants and take his cock out. His breathing was getting heavier and I could feel Dawn running her tongue over my arsehole. Moaning loudly I suggested we all head into the bedroom. I wasn’t quite sure where to go from here, I had never had a threesome before. In fact I had never been with a woman before. I had fantasized about it many times but never actually had the guts to try it. I guess Dawn made my mind up for me I held Marty’s cock in my hand smiling to myself as I led him up the hallway. Dawn walked in front of me throwing her clothing off as we went.

She stopped in front of me just inside my bedroom turned and kissed me hard on the lips. It was nice, I really enjoyed her kiss.

By this stage I thought poor Marty was going to have a heart attack he was so excited I helped him out of his pants and lifted his shirt off. Then gently pushed him onto the bed. Kissing my way up his inside legs I was kneeling and Dawn was behind me devouring my soaking wet pussy with her mouth. She was fingering my dripping hole and it was just getting wetter. I was just moaning louder and louder as I took Marty’s throbbing cock in my mouth, I sucked it in then out of my mouth slowly teasing his cock with my tongue. I then asked Dawn to let Marty taste her she moved quickly and placed her pussy lips directly above his mouth, as I repositioned myself sliding Marty’s cock into my wet hot pussy, riding him hard n fast. My breasts bouncing as I rode Dawn held them in her hands massaging them as Marty tongue fucked Dawns wet cunt.
“Oh god, baby you feel so good” I moaned out loud.

This was all new to me I had never even seen Marty naked before, though we had been friends for quite a few years. He had a nice cock and he felt amazing inside me. His muffled cries into Dawns pussy told us he was about to cum. I could feel his cock twitching inside me and his stomach muscles tightening. Dawn climbed off his mouth as I took Marty’s cock from inside me and helped me take up the huge wads of cum jetting from the head of his cock.

Both of us running our tongues up either side our tongues entwining as we kissed and shared the remnants of his cum… We then kissed up along Marty’s body, circling his nipples with our tongues both of us holding his cock in our hand stroking it slowly. Taking turns at kissing Marty I had never seen that look in his eyes before it was like he won lotto. He looked so happy. It only turned me on more.

Dawn stayed kissing Marty massaging his cock and I crawled up behind her I looked at her tight arsehole and leant down to have my first ever taste of another woman. I had tasted myself before and I liked it. My tongue met with her body as I run my tongue up and down her dripping wet slit then rimming her arse with my tongue sliding the tip of my tongue into her arse.
She was moaning uncontrollably as I told Marty to take my place and fuck her.
“Cum up here baby and fuck Dawn from behind, slide your cock into her arse baby.”
Guiding his cock slowly into Dawns arse I slid myself under her so I could continue eating her... My legs opened as she leaned down and dined hungrily on my pussy as I sucked and teased her clit. I fucked her pussy with my fingers feeling Marty’s cock rubbing along my fingers. We were all moaning uncontrollably when Dawn screamed
” I’m Cumming Oh god I’m Cumming” and she dove her fingers deep into me.
My body spasmed as an orgasm raged from my thighs up into my pussy. Dawn cum gushing her juices all over my face and Marty was thrusting hard and fast as he cum pulling out of her arse and unloading his second load of cum into my mouth, me licking every last drop of cum from off the head of his cock. He leaned down and kissed me sharing his own cum with me. We lay on the bed for a while just playing with one another’s bodies. We fell asleep and when I woke I was nestled in Marty’s arms. Him holding me tightly to his chest and Dawn was gone. We didn’t mention what had happened but we made love and this time there was no sharing and no rushing .We just enjoyed each others bodies. I guess it was meant to be.
All work is owned and written solely by myself ©Angel do not claim it as your own 15th June 2005

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