FUCk this small minded undeveloped town  

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5/4/2006 9:16 pm

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5/7/2006 5:29 pm

FUCk this small minded undeveloped town

.. I woke this morning got the kids off to school had a bath and slid back into bed with Rob , still horny and just can't seem to get enough of him ... well he was away 2 nights this time lol.
I don't know if ive mentioned im 31 weeks pregnant and HUGE well my belly is anyway. Im no small girl at the best of times but ive never been this big with any of the children , people ask if im having twins all the time and just now in the supermarket a lady actually asked me how many hours i had to go ... I wish it was hours instead its 8 weeks and six days .
Making love isnt quite as comfortable as it was when i was ... smaller but my sex drive has like doubled and considering its always been very healthy thats a little scarey at times.
We made love for a little over and hour but had to go we had to see the doctor at 10 so we quickly shower and leave.
When i say im a big girl a lot of people refer to me as an amazon (jokingly of course) im six foot one and a half and im built solid like my dad, the doctor has me step on the scales ive gained 5 kilo's in 12 almost 13 weeks which i consider good because the rest of my pregnancy i had been losing weight first 3 kilos then 7. Im 122 kilos dressed .... yes boots n all so to speak the doctor then informs me well you know we here in parkes have a rule we wont deliver babies to mothers who are over 120 kilos. He's just finished informing me my babies measurements are BIG!!! my blood pressure is excellent, i have no health issues at all but sorry youre too fat to have your baby delivered in our town .
WTF!!!!!! Yes im a little over weight but even at my skinniest im like 85 kilo's. Im devastated i have to lose weight to have my baby here but how to lose weight without damage to my baby . Im a healthy eater im NOT lazy i rarely eat sweets. Sex is great exercise but hell with this BIG baby growing how does one lose this weight im more than likely to add a few kilos than lose them.
Robs not happy at all hes pretty pissed off, but i just don't think he realises just how much this has upset me. Hes gone to pick up his girls and left me here and i dont know whether to cry or get mad.
I sure as hell feel like crying.
I don't particularly like the maternity ward here anyway, but to have the baby almost two hours drive from here, away from Rob, away from our children, no family.... like the title says FUCK THIS SMALL MINDED TOWN.....
Ive never had an unhealthy baby or difficulties giving birth im an old hand at it now im happier and healthier now than i have been in years and now this!!!!!.....They can kiss my arse ..... and as the pic shows its not too big to kiss all over .

SlimGoodGuy 39M

5/4/2006 10:20 pm

Are they not equipped to handle a delivery like this? Are they scared the baby is gonna have difficulty coming through and won't have someone staffed that can help if something goes wrong? Big babies worry us docs just as much as ones that are premature. If it's a boy, that doubles some of the risk because unfortunately, us guys don't do as well as girls when being born. Does it have to do with the possibility of a c-section? Maybe the table you'll be on has a weight limit. I know the OR I did my surgical and obs/gyne rotations in had weight limits for the tables.

As for losing weight without causing harm to your baby, I'm sure you're aware of the risks your baby faces with you being big (more likely to be overweight later in life, diabetes, etc).

I don't think it has to do with small-mindedness, but rather, the simple fact that you're in a small town. In general, hospitals in small towns don't have a lot of money and in turn, have fewer gadgets to meet the needs of their patients.

I wouldn't complain. Going to a hospital better equipped to meet your needs is better for you and your babies. Keep a positive outlook and try not to get stressed over this. Your "fuck this town" attitude isn't going to help anything.

rm_lilypond3 60F
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5/4/2006 10:22 pm

This is certainly a pregnant woman writing!
Too bad about the predicament.
I was musing about how your title..Living Life in Love... is a bit contradictory to the title of this blog! Funny.

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