A Dream I had this morning  

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10/28/2005 7:58 pm

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A Dream I had this morning

It was a cool kind of balmy morning. My truck was parked on the side of a gravel road. I had started to talk towards it because I was going to drive into town and run some erronds. On my way to the truck I felt the need for a nature call so I just walk around to the side of the truck that is facing away from the road to take a leak. All of a sudden I hear a loud thrashing in the bushes just ahead of me. Not sure what to think I zip up my pants and look up. A very large black bear emerges from the bushes. With small sense of fright, I shout "HEY, HEY.... YOU GIT" to try and drive the bear of. My sense of fright turns to a sense of panick when the bear doesnt move. It just stares me down. I try to make a move towards the door of the truck but the bear lunges for me and knocks me to the ground. No sooner doI hit the ground the bear places its right front paw on my chest pinning my body. The bear is pressing with enough force squeezing the air out of my chest. I reach for my hand gun but it isn't there. Why isnt it there, I always carry my gun... then it hits me, one of my erronds was to stop at the post office so I left it at home. Of course the one time in your life you need somthing it isnt there. But for some odd reason the bear lets up off my chest and backs off, almost like it wanted to reposition it self so it could get a better grip on me. I use this momentary lapse of imobility to scurry to the other side of my truck and climb in the drivers door. I feel in my pocket for my keys but they arnt there either. I must have dropped them during the struggle with the bear. Trying to think of somthing to do, I depress the horn on the truck, again trying to drive the bear off. This doesnt work either, it just climbs into the bed of the truck, and then places its paws on the roof. It starts to pounce on the roof with its massive front paws. I can see the roof begenning to cave in slightly. Wanting to get out of there, I push the clutch of the truck in and start to roll down hill with the bear still in the bed of the truck pouncing on the roof.

At that point of the dream I woke up. Not sure where it was going to go from there, but then I wonder I has such a dream? It soon became very apparent. This morning we were passing thru Oakridge OR. on a train from Klamath falls to Eugene. At one point there were two bear cubs crossing the Railroad tracks. It was very early in the morning (still dark out) The engineer and I had no time to react and blow the horn or shut the lights out as to not put the animals in a daze. THUNK!!!! The engineer looks at me and asks, we didnt get them both did we. I just my head yes and said, I think we did.

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