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4/26/2006 3:41 pm

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A few years ago she took me to a Swingers' club for Fathers' Day. Wow, what a gift. We had a threesome with another woman and then went back to our luxury suite and had sex, just the two of us, until dawn.

A couple of years later we decided to go back to the club, but agreed that we would just be with each other. The experience with the other woman was not what she had hoped it would be. I don't believe she was attracted to her and pushed herself to do it to satisfy my fantasy. She's very pleasing that way.

The second trip was great with us orally pleasuring each other next to other couples. We went to a semi private area with mirrors all around so other could watch to finish.

Ever since the first visit and much more so after the second, she has periodically thrown out the idea of swapping. Initially I greatly resisted the idea. I mean she's gorgeous and the thought of someone else touching her drove me insane. However, I recently thought about everything she has done for me to fulfill my fantasies and become more comfortable with the fact that we would be doing this together.

Ever since I have come to this realization I have found that I am anxious to have our first experience. We have a very healthy one on one sex life, but I think this will really spice things up.

Unfortunately she is away on business for two weeks and I am left anxious and searching for the right couple alone.

I believe once we cross this hurdle I will be more comfortable fulfilling her fantasies and she could be open to playing with another woman again. When we watch porn she prefers the female only scenes and we both enjoy going to strip clubs. She likes to admire beautiful woman as much as any of my guy friends.

So until next she returns I am left with this desire to try a new adventure and with the fantasies of what will come from it.

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4/26/2006 4:38 pm

sounds like you're a very lucky guy!

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