New, Less Gay Pic and Passing Notes at Work  

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7/12/2006 4:00 pm

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New, Less Gay Pic and Passing Notes at Work

Wow, two updates in one day, YIPEEE!

*I am so alone...*

Anyway, yeah. I figured I might as well update here. I just changed my main pic, and may delete my old one altogether. In it, I'm wearing a black trenchcoat, my hands are folded, and I'm sort of glaring at the camera. Yeah, I know, goth central. Taking that photo seemed cool at the time, but now it just makes me look like a serial killer. Sometimes I have to remind myself that not every girl goes for that look, haha.

And what would an update be without something juicy to add? "Sally" (see last entry) and I have started - of all things - passing notes at work. She started it, funny thing. Handed me a little plastic treasure chest and walked away. When I opened it up there was a little half of a post-it note saying "hello!" with a little smiley face. So, for the rest of the way, we sent that little treasure chest back and forth. There weren't any really "good" messages sent, but who knows? The tension just may be there...

I think I'm gonna go find something to eat. Culinary or otherwise.

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7/12/2006 4:49 pm

See! It all started with the hands!

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