Bored At Work  

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7/12/2006 9:57 am

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Bored At Work

Here I am again, loyal (snort!) readers. Here from my computer at work this time, living life on the edge and proud of it! Haha, sure. That's me, all right.

There are two girls (out of four) here at the office that I wouldn't mind fucking. And talking about them here is risky enough, let alone what I feel like saying.

One of them, I'll call her Sally, I've already gotten my hands on - in a way. The first time it had been raining and she came in from outside and had me feel how damp her top was. As always with this one, I had other areas in mind, but I kept my mouth shut and ran a finger along her spine. She let out an involuntary sigh before covering her mouth in embarrassment, and I shushed her and told her it was okay. I then began rubbing her shoulders and worked my way down to the small of her back before she managed to shake herself out of the little trance I put her in and say she had to get back to work. But first, she told me I should consider doing massage therapy for a living.
The second time, she came to me specifically for a massage, just a short one to get a kink out of her neck. I again managed to work my way down to about her waist before she said thanks and walked out of my reach.

The other one, I'll call her Anne, I have had no interactions with yet, but I wouldn't mind.

And what can I say? I like giving massages, probably even more than I like getting them. Just a weakness, I guess. And apparently I have great hands.

Leave some love.

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7/12/2006 10:38 am

Sounds like "Sally" likes your hands. Maybe it's the start of something, well, SOMETHING! Doesn't the possibility make you want to show up for work everyday?

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