Sleepless Nights  

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4/23/2006 11:10 pm

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Sleepless Nights

Hmm yup, I cant sleep again so here I am. Trust that this post will just be mindless chatter that may not make any sense. I just noticed too that the time stamp is all wrong on my blog. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Anyway, first subject of the night is about this blog. People, this is just a blog so quit with the rude e-mails. If you dont agree with what I say post it right here so everyone can see what an idiot you are LOL. If you take what my dumb ass says to heart you need to be locked away in a very secure mental institution so you wont go goofy on the rest of us. Ok I think that covers that well enough.

I was just reading some profiles (again) and someone had a blog post about "winks" and how they never answer them. Some of the guys were telling the author of that post that they use it as a first step to see if there is any interest and if the person winks back, they will write an e-mail. I completely agree with this idea because many times, I will write an e-mail to a woman and I will never hear back at all. Its a waste of time to write if they dont even say anything at all. I think half of the problem is that women get WAY more e-mails and winks than us guys do so I imagine its hard to keep up with all of us horn dogs haha.

It would be really nice if women would atleast attempt to message us guys back. We take the time to write hoping that you will respond and when you dont it just makes us think youre a bitch. Wait a minute, I think youre a bitch if you dont write back LOL. Umm sorry guys I dont know what you think (bullshit you think they are too). cough. I would honestly rather recieve an e-mail saying that you arent interested than nothing at all so I would know not to bother you ever again.

As for winks, I use the wink as more of a compliment. Women seem to really hate the wink haha so maybe I should just start winking everyone I dont like. Ladies, give us guys a break already. No matter what you think of the wink, its always a compliment when us guys send one so lighten up on us. Ok, I dont wanna talk about this anymore cause its stupid.

I guess thats enough LOL cause I cant think of anything else for now so screw it (or me).
Oh, if there are any typos in this post, deal with it cause I dont feel like going back and checking to see how dumb I am tonight haha.

By the way, its 2:11 am. So that damn time stamp is all messed up. Oh well.

Have a good week people

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