Oral Delights  

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1/29/2006 5:59 am

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Oral Delights

There's nothing quite like the tender agony of a broken wisdom tooth. As I write this I have taken the last pain pill I had from a previous injury. The next 24 hours should prove to be a new expereince in pain as I await my appointment with the oral surgeon tommorow to extract the offending oral digit. (is that conidered a run-on sentence? Must be the drugs)

I was in my office Friday when a young woman (who shall remain nameless) came running in saying she wanted me to take a few pictures of her with the camera phone real quick. Then she proceeded to strip down naked and sit back in the leather office chair. She draped each of her legs over the arms of the chair and proceeded to put her hand between her legs and start stroking herself to wetness.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time (not) so needless to say I was in a mild state of shock, My tooth was killing me. The pain did not however stop me from developing a painfully hard erection.

I began to take the photos as she requested. Then started directing her to other poses. It got to a point that I was urgently needing relief and her soft moans began to increase in both frequency and volume. I had her kneel in the chair with her back to me and I approached her. She flinched just a little as my hands began to caress her suculant ass.

I reached under the desk, opened my briefcase and removed a condom. Dropped my slacks and put it on my pulsing shaft. Moving up behind her again, I took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance of her now soaking wet pussy. She pushed back instinctivly and enveloped me entirely in her.

We had a fast and furious fuck. She continued to play with her clit while we humped and she came. Her pussy milked my cock so intensly that I could no longer control my orgasm.

Sweaty, panting, and sated we put our clothes back on. She gave me a quick kiss, thanked me, grabbed her phone and was out the door.

God I love my job.

p.s. about 5 minutes after this expereince, my tooth was throbbing worse than ever. Apperently the endorphines from sexual activity on last about that long before they fade.

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