Well, I owe Visa money anyways right?  

Rhev 40M
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1/14/2006 7:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Well, I owe Visa money anyways right?

Yeah, I mean, Visa sends me those nifty bills in the mail every month anyways, so why not take a chance on this site?

I just spent some time looking at the lovely ladies that AdultFriendFinder has determined are "cupid matches" for me. All I can say is ..... WOW. There are so many unbeleiveably beautiful pictures of women on this site. At first I was amazed. I thought "Why would these women have trouble finding a man?"

Then it hit me. Duh, same reason I am having trouble finding a woman. The bar scene sucks and doesn't work. My friends are idiots that I wouldn't trust to set my shoes up with socks. Oh, and lets not forget the worst part, the game.

God, "The Game" drives me absolutely fucking nuts. Ive failed at the game once or twice when I know I should have won. You know what I'm talking about. The game that men and women play with each other. The little dance we do where we scope each other out, feel things out, make little ploys and gambits, and decide if we want to have sex or get to know the other.

Hell, I've been in the situation where I was walking out to my car with a girl, and said the wrong thing, that ended up it being a quiet drive to drop her off at her house instead of back to my place.

So, I think what AdultFriendFinder does is help cut out a lot of the bullshit in the game. People who come here are coming here to find someone to fuck. Or maybe at least they are coming here to find someone to connect with, someone that they could meet, grow, and form a bond with. Which in turn of course MAY lead to fucking, but I digress.

Yeah. So, getting back to my original point (if I had one), I whipped out the ol' Visa and rung up a month membership here, non renewing, just incase.

If AdultFriendFinder helps me meet even ONE nice lady that I can connect with on any level, then I'd say it was probably worth the $20.

Wouldn't you agree?

RelaxAndJustDoIt 42M

1/14/2006 8:07 pm

I agree totally that AdultFriendFinder helps cut through that game, dance, whatever....

BUT... and I've only had one meet so far, but there seems to be a dfferent game.. the 'Now we've fucked, are we goingt be friends?' game....

Maybe that's just me tho.....

Phil (Relax)

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