Scammers, you are morons. ( A Rant)  

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3/19/2006 9:37 pm

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3/20/2006 9:20 am

Scammers, you are morons. ( A Rant)

Look, I'm not an idiot. I'm not going to pay to see nude pictures of you thinking that if I do you will fuck me.

I'm not going to send you money so you can buy a plane ticket to come see me.

I know when I see your birthday is january first of any year that you are probably either a scammer or too stupid / lazy to fill out your birthday correctly.

I can tell the difference between a photo taken with a webcam / digital camera and a page ripped out of cosmo. I am not going to beleive that you just happen to be sitting on a swing in the exact same pose (and same face) as a masingil add I saw the other day.

On top of all of these things... If I talk to you on an instant messenger program for 6 hours and still never send you money, who's time did I really waste?

Guess what shitheads... I was talking to people on IM anyways. I just responded to you whenever I had to to keep you talking.

Congratulations on wasting 6 hours of your life trying to get me to send you money "julianjohnny" of I had a lot of enjoyment seeing you type out the most ludicrious things you could think of to try to get me to send you money.

But don't worry, I'm sure that if its true that you really are a news reporter / actress / model who is independantly wealthy and runs her own buisness as a dominatrix / prostitute on the side that DOES happen to be stuck in Africa and just needs a little money to get home to England so you can access your bank account / talk to your agent / buy me a plane ticket to come fuck you / get back to your computer with all your dirty pictures and movies on it.... SOME sucker out there will be stupid / desperate / lonely enough to fall for your non stop line of bullshit. I'm sure someone will see that you aren't really a scammer, help you out, then you two will have a wonderfull life, blissfull, amazing, and full of rampant sex and nary a care in the world since you are so fabulously rich and famous.

I however will not be that person.

So, my suggestion to you person who claims her name is Jennifer Darwins (and has a yahoo email addy that is very similar but of course I can't post it here or AdultFriendFinder gets pissed) is that you take a few match sticks, insert them under each of your fingers, and light up.

Maybe the intense 3rd degree burns underneath your he/she fingernails will keep you from embarassing yourself any further online, and will make you do something productive with those 6+ hours. Like going down to the docks on fleet day and sucking as much cock as you can in real life instead of over the internet.

But hey.... its your fantasy life, do what you want.

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