Torrent Sites - And the DUMMIES that run them!  

Regina_Romeo 56M
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9/11/2006 8:54 pm
Torrent Sites - And the DUMMIES that run them!

Why do morons run Torrent sites? What it is about torrents that brings out the stupidity in these people? Shouldn't there be some sort of internet 'law' that states people with an IQ under 5, should not run torrent sites (let them work for Microsoft with the rest of the insane people).
For the last little while, I have had an ongoing fued with the morons that run lokitorrent. And the reason is quite simple. In order to download torrents with their trackers, they demand you signup for their site.
And why is this stupid? After all, I own a website where I encourage people to 'signup' as well. The difference is, I'm not going to have my databanks subpoenaed.
The law states that technically a torrent site is not illegal, since it doesn't actually host files. However, it also states that anyone (which includes a website) that assists in the transfer of copyrighted materials is breaking the law.
So what happens? Someone in the music, movies, or software industry does a simple search of the available torrents, and we all know what they see. Movies, music, programs, etc etc... all copyrighted. They make a complaint to the authorities who, upon investigation, discover the claim(s) are true.
And what is the very first thing these authorities do? They supoena the webhost for access to the sites databanks and logs. And what is in those files? Only all the evidence they need to prove outright that you have been sending and/or receiving copyrighted material! All the proof they need to convict you of copyright infringement.
But wait... you used a made up nickname, and maybe a fake email address. Matter of fact, all the information you gave them when you signed up was bogus. Sorry sunshine, won't help you in the least. Since included with every webhosting package is complete data showing everyone that even so much as visited your site. This includes IP#'s, which identify specific computers uniquely... in this case... yours! This will show that at such and such a time, your IP# got or sent a specific file.
It gives them catalogued proof positive that you broke the law, all because some pinhead wanted to impress his friends with how many 'members' he has.
While there does exist software to 'mask' your IP# while you surf (programs like anonymous websurfing etc etc), the very vast majority of people will not be using them (if they've even heard of them). As a website owner, you have to make your website for the people that are going to be using it, and not for yourself. Which brings me to my next point.
Peer to peer networking was developed as a way to share files on a grand scale. The pioneer applications to do this, were freeware and required no information be provided by users what so ever. To use Napster, you simply downloaded it, installed it, chose a screen name, and away you went. It was as anonymous as a direct connection for file sharing can be.
And that's the key... the anoniminity. With all the lawsuits that Napster endured, never once did it directly endanger it's users. The music industry took to creating their own accounts, and monitoring who downloaded from them, in order to 'catch' people illegally downloading, since it was the only way possible.
Now, we have morons that run torrent sites, that expect you to provide them with the exact details necessary to have you easily convicted of copy right infringement, because they want to impress people with their 'member count'. All completely unnecessary, and exactly the opposite of why peer to peer file sharing was developed.
I look at it in simple terms. You either want to run this type of site, or you don't. But if you're going to do so, you should be doing so only because you believe in the spirit of peer to peer and you should build your site/network accordingly. Peer to peer has nothing to do with 'member counts', if this is important to you, start a dating site or a picture rating site, not a torrent site. Requiring people to do something, in order to access files, is not peer to peer, peer to peer is unrestricted file sharing. Adding restrictions, takes it beyond peer to peer, into somewhere it was never intended to go. Factor in them putting you directly at risk, and you understand why I call these people morons.
Fortunately, the 'powers that be' aren't concerned with chasing after individuals, they're more concerned with shutting down the sites themselves. So through no preventative measures of their own, the websites minimise the risk to you personally, by making themselves a bigger 'target'. But we should never forget the travesty of justice that occured in the USA where a few thousand Napster users were 'convicted' and forced to pay out sums of money. These torrent sites that require you to 'register', are putting you directly at risk of having the same thing done to you, and completely needlessly! Since it isn't necessary in order to send or get files. And all because some moron wants to show off his 'member count'.
My advice to you... simple. If you know of a torrent site that requires you to 'register' in order to be able to download... run! Very fast, and very far away from them. There's plenty of sites that understand the spirit of peer to peer and don't ask you to do these stupid things.
Because mark my words...the day will come when the information they forced you to supply, will end up being used as the "evidence against the accused". I hope buddy having a high 'member count' is a comfort to you then!

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