Microsoft Must Die  

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9/11/2006 8:33 pm

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Microsoft Must Die

In all seriousness... it's time for Bill Gates to take his ball and go home. The Microsoft Corp has become little more then a joke. The litany of their atrocities continues to grow. The countless lawsuits for the products they out and out stole from others (then subsequently ruined). Their products are riddled with errors and cause the unsuspecting public countless heartaches and headaches. The services they provide are consistantly ranked among the least reliable.... etc etc.
There are so many others it becomes monotonous even listing them. The point is, they are completely unreliable, untrustworthy, and should be forced to go out of business.
Don't get me wrong, I have the ultimate respect for Bill Gates. The man is pure genius, years and years ahead of his time. His marketing skills, are quite simply, legend. The Microsoft marketing 'machine' is finely tuned, unmatched in any business, anywhere in the world. They operate on a budget of approximately a quarter of a billion dollars a year, and generate countless millions of dollars in revenue for the company year after year. Study the history of companies as compared to Microsoft, and you'll begin to see how vastly superior their marketing machine is, and how it keeps Microsoft highly profitable, despite continually producing inferior products one after another.
I give you the Ford Motor Company... at the time, a budding young company with a solid record for producing quality motor vehicles. They began to market a vehicle before it had even begun being produced. They invested in the project and it was considered to be the 'be all end all' of their technological proficiency. Solidifying their position as the best automobile maker in the world, so much so, the product was named after Henry Ford's own son. The project? As all we 'dinosaurs' know, was the Edsel. The Edsel featured technological advances that no other automobile manufacturer had ever even thought of. It was to be Ford's 'crowning Glory'.
Welp, for you young'uns that don't know. The Edsel bombed, and bombed big time. For a variety of reasons, mostly due to the fact it didn't work properly. It was a total business disaster still discussed today as one of the biggest ever to occur. It almost singlehandedly put Ford out of business. He reached a point where banks and investors wouldn't touch him and he was fortunate enough to be able to draw funds from his own family members. It took years and years of hard work, and the production of quality products to repair the company's financial status and business reputation. Otherwise, there might not be a Ford Motor Company today.
How does this compare? it's a mirror reflection of Microsoft, but with vastly different end results.
The year is 1999, and Microsoft has been pouring money hand over fist into a new product. The advertising budget for it reaches 200 million dollars, before a single draft of the product is even drawn up. A global consumer frenzy is created and 'pre-sales' reach never before heard of levels. Microsoft continues to pour money into the project, which is being billed as it's 'coup de grace'. With new operating systems entering the market (linux etc etc), it was to be the product that solidified Microsoft as being the maker of Operating Systems.
And the product? Windows Millenium or WinME for short. A product so riddled with errors, it couldn't even manage the simple function of just staying on. Brand new computers, loaded with WinME then turned on and left on, managed to somehow crash themselves and produce those 'blue screen' errors. These were on computers without programs. The computers were 'doing' nothing but being left turned on. But WinME was so poorly written and so bad, it caused it's own errors internally simply by running.
WinME was nothing short of a disaster as a product, yet Microsoft not only didn't suffer financially, the genius of Bill Gates turned it into a situation where the company gained by turning around and releasing another operating system immediately.
Microsoft traditionally waited 2-3 years before introducing a new operating system. But with the reports of just how horribly bad WinME was, they rushed into production and released Win2k not 6 months after the release of WinME. You'll also notice, of every Windows version ever produced, the only one that doesn't have a downloadable 'service pack', is WinME. This is because the errors are in the core of the operating system itself (the kernal) and can't be repaired. The 'service pack' for WinME is basically installing Win2k (which has 4 service packs as a comparison). Win2k is what WinME was supposed to be, but didn't have the chance to be because Microsoft wanted to capitalise on the consumer frenzy they themselves created. The research and developement time traditionally invested in a new product by a company, was eliminated in favour of 'getting while the getting was good'. And the very worst part of this, is it established a company policy that Microsoft still uses today.

"Make it and sell it first... we'll worry about whether or not it works (and possibly fixing it) later"

No other company anywhere in the world, in any business, has (or could) consistantly produce inferior produces, one after another, and remain in business. Microsoft has not only done this, but has turned doing so into one of the biggest financial money makers of all time... this, truly, is the genius of Bill Gates.
Examine their products for yourself, and the records of performance of these products.

Mail Client
Outlook Express: The most widely exploited email client by far, of any made. Listed on every major computer security site as something you just 'shouldn't use'. Despite Microsoft's repeated attempts to 'fix' this client, it is by far the most unstable, unreliable, and non secure email client available.

Internet Browser Client
Internet Explorer: The most widely exploited browser by far, of any made. It is estimated by security sites that 99% of the exploits ever written for browsers, specifically targeted the faulty Internet Explorer. Indeed, these exploits are not even possible on other browsers. They only are a threat to those using Internet Explorer.

Media Player
Windows Media Player: The only media player ever produced that could be exploited to the point of allowing a malicious remote user total access and control of your computer. Simple exploits included causing buffer overflows causing the entire system to crash, again... these exploits were only possible on Window's media player, and simply didn't work and any other media player.

Email Service
Hotmail: which used to be a good service, until purchased by MSN. Of the 4 major email service providers, Hotmail consistantly ranks last. Frequent down time and lack of customer support are the listed reasons.

Messenger Service
MSN Messenger: Of the 3 major providers of free instant messaging services, MSN has the poorest record for runtimes and customer service.

Chat Service
MSN Chat: Despite being a multibillion dollar company, their chat service cannot compete with small (and in most cases, privately run) chat services. Places such as have 10-200 times more users then MSN, are operated on zero budget, and still maintain running times that MSN can't even come close to. They also don't charge their users for the service, as does MSN.

In 90% of the cases for poor running times, the reason is quite simple. Too many users on too few servers. Those "server is too busy" messeges you see, should never happen with a multibillion dollar company. Seriously, if Bill Gates can't afford to buy a few more servers, who can? The problem is, Microsoft aggressively markets to make you a customer. This is where the very vast majority of the efforts go. They will spend millions on an advertising campaign to get you to sign up for "The new MSN 9", but when you do, and you can't access your email because the servers are "too busy"... Microsoft just doesn't care. They're too busy trying to get more new paying customers, to worry about the ones they already do have.

Yes, the time has more then come. You've made your billions Bill Gates, now do us all a favour and ride off into the sunset. Stop foistering your inferior products, which you then don't support, onto the public. Let companies that want to earn the publics trust by giving us quality products have a chance. You know, all of those companies suing you for the ridiculous patents you were granted that now prevents them from competing with you. They understand that when they do eventually win their lawsuits (as all the others have before them against you), your company's worth will deteriorate to the point that even the 'value' of the name itself will be questionable.
These companies want to provide us with alternatives. Products that work as advertised, and are supported because they understand providing support means staying in business.So take your billions of dollars, and your ball, and just go home!

P.S: I had planned to write this a little later on in time. But since my work was interupted by yet another downtime in MSN, I decided to write it now. Something has to be done, and it involves more then just pushing a pie into the face of Bill Gates.
Someone has to push him and his cronies out the door, and lock them out. The growth of the internet and the steadily rising amount of total users demands companies with vision and creative talent to ensure it continues to go forward with new reliable technologies. Something the Microsoft Corp has proven it cannot (or will not) provide.

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