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3/12/2006 9:03 pm

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Sundays are generally lazy nights for me. All day is, especially if I did enough homework. Showers are optional, snacking is an appropriate meal form, and make-up stays in the bag. Today was especially relaxing as it is the start of my Spring Break. A whole week of no classes! I will of course do the homework that is required over my break, but I have only one other goal. I want to find a part-time job. It shouldn't be too hard and now I cannot give myself the excuse that I have classes. I watched 3 movies today, flipped b/w college basketball games for awhile and watched my roommate play the Sims for about an hour. I walked the dog and my Mom and cousin Jessie stopped over for 15 mins. before she headed to the airport. I got home last night at llpmish and wanted nothing more than silence.

Let's just say the funeral was exhausting. My MI family was annoying, except one male cousin, Chris who has always been my pal even when we were really little. Then being in the car for 9 hours total (I was bored, I did the math) was tiring. I was cramped going to MI in the Volvo with 4 others, then I went home with family friends and their 18 y/o daughter feel asleep and took up most of the backseat, so I got squished again. Oh well. My folks had people over after the 9 hour trip and I left my house at 8:15 that morning and didn't get home til 11pm. My roommate took care of my dog and my cat and let me tell you how much they missed me. And I was only gone for like 16 hours! It was so cute, Lizzie (the dog) never left my side and Moe (the cat)curled up next to me while I read my book on the couch (which he never does unless I'm half asleep, he's not really a cuddler). I finally got Greg to turn off the cartoons and I just had some peace and quiet. As much as can be had with the keys clacking and the mouse clicking every 3 seconds.

I awoke this moring after 11 glorious hours of dead sleep to a dream that I will describe later. Let me just say I was trying hard not to wake up, I wanted to finish the dream. It was goooood! Yes it was a sex dream! A threesome actually.

I did nothing productive, didn't even shower! I enjoyed laying on the couch, but did kinda end up wishing I had the extra cash lying around so I could go shop. *Gasp!*

I also fought about my being a surrogate Mom with Mr. IFC, I told him today and he lost it. He is CUT OFF! So done with that one, don't lecture me cause I am being nice. He wanted to be just friends for 3 months so he could go get laid, then date when I wasn't pregnant. Tough! You don't like it, that's fine, I'm getting sick of it too! It's not like he's the Dad or anything.

*Deep breathing* Ok, sorry, I was getting a little worked up for a minute. The point being that I for the most part did not a dang productive thing and enjoyed the heck out of it. I gave up cussing for Lent, it's killing me! I will have to learn to relax this week and get some other stuff done.

Like wash and clean out my car! Hahaha!


NewJAXCitee 39M
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3/12/2006 9:31 pm

Try to have at least a lil fun on your break, sounds like you deserve it.

As for IFC, what a homo... You bring more to the table than great sex, youve got a heck of a lot more to offer someone.

MillsShipsGayly 53M

3/13/2006 5:44 am

A good threesome sex dream? Was I in it?

Lie to me (if you must)

RedheadedMedStd 35F

3/13/2006 9:09 am

She used to do that all the time, but I taught her to sit and wag her tail to the point of falling over rather than making me clean up pee everytime I walk in the house.

Thank you! I think so too!

Not this one, but I'll make sure to include you and Tills in a future fantasy. That's gonna be a wild one!

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