On Pins and Needles  

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3/15/2006 1:05 pm

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On Pins and Needles

I'm sure everyone will scratch their heads, but today was the first time I saw "Basic Instinct." I know I'm a horror/thriller fan and most people would assume I already did, but I haven't. So sue me!

As all really good movies do, it leaves you on pins and needles. Who did it for real? Was the final scene going to be "Shooter's" death scene until he changed his response? Who knows for sure? That is truly the mark of a good movie, that although dated in it's own time (circa 1992), that it still freaks people out.

For that time, the early 90's I mean, there was a whole heck of a lot of nudity in that film! Sharon Stone had clothes on as often as she had them off, which was about 50/50. Now I understand every joke and fantasy every man has made about that her and that movie. In those days, a woman like Sharon Stone's character would have been a fantasy. In some cases, it still may be.

I gotta admit, she did look pretty freakin' smokin' in that movie. I remember there was one part where Michael Douglas was having a cigarette after a sex scene and all I could think was how I wanted one too! Hahaha! He's like a fine wine, he gets better with age, and I prefer to see him smile. He looks kinda murderous when he doesn't smile and is trying to look ultra-dangerous and sexy. His lips are too thin and his jaw is too defined.

Ok, ok, I'm picking apart a classic here, sorry. Roxy, got called Rocky at one point in the movie. Did anyone else notice that slip-up? I wonder if it was my overimagination that he was implying that she was a transvestite. She wasn't too bad looking either for goodness sake!

Jeanne Tripplehorn. Gosh my image of her was shattered! She was always a "goodie-two-shoes" type to me. Very sweet, innocent, naive. I'm sure to some degree, seeing her naked jump started her career in some ways. I never did think of her as a sexpot type though, even now.

You know what else I realized? Women in the early 90's look much more realistic during sex scenes. Hair tousled, sheets rumpled, boobs are the right size... Sharon Stone is supposed to of course be the exception.The only thing I don't like is how quiet they all are. Barely anyone gets loud until they are about to get off. That seems weird to me. Maybe that's just cause I am loud all the time.

I'll tell you what, give me a few of those sex scenes extended, I could get pretty excited during that movie. That coming from someone who just watched a 14 year old thriller movie! The Jeanne Tripplehorn's sex scene would be fun to act out in my opinion.

So what do you think if you have seen it? Who was the killer? Did "Shooter" really fall for Catherine? What do you remember most vividly from that movie?

If you haven't seen it, I do HIGHLY recommend it.


dasher121 37M

3/16/2006 7:30 am

thats a pretty damn good movie. And great review on it, you really picked everything apart, good stuff.

My favorite scene? Would def have to be the infamous "leg crossing" part in the interrogation........and no panties on? Oh you devil woman hahahaha.

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