Notes for Psych  

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2/23/2006 10:57 pm

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Notes for Psych

I kid you not, I have been working to catch up in my Psych class for about 11 hours now. I have read, hi-lighted, and taken notes on 13/16 chapters I was supposed to have already read. I didn't purchase the correct textbook, so Wed. I went and finally exchanged it (6 weeks into the semester) and had a shit-ton of chapters to catch up on. I also have 115 pages of History to read. More will be assigned for the weekend I am sure. I also have a short story to read for English class. After 11 hours of Psych, this is the plan of attack for the rest of the homework since it is almost 2am where I live: read 15-20 pages of History while laying in bed (it should put me to sleep), read the short story for English on the bus tomorrow on the way to class and more History if time allows. I will hopefully be caught up on all of my homework including the weekend stuff by about Saturday night. I will like always be having a boring weekend at home, I won't go out, I will watch movies, walk the dog, sleep late, and stay up late doing homework. My roommate has been invited by the guy he is seeing to go with him to Naples, FL for the long weekend as it is his birthday (the guy he is seeing, not my roommate), so I will have the house to myself. I think I may have to do dishes over the weekend unless I can convince him at 8am to do them before he leaves and to pay the gas bill before he leaves. (He hasn't paid it since we moved in back in July! Thank goodness we only pay for our gas stove and nothing else!) It will be nice to have him out of my hair for 4 days. I can lay on the big couch, play all my music really loud, take naps mid-day on the couch and not have to share the bathroom or remote. And oops, he won't get to eat any of the Haagen-Dazs Caramel ice cream he bought. After 17 pages of Psych notes (again, not kidding!) my hand aches, my head is spinning with Psychology and I am tired. Time to read the History and hit the hay! Night y'all!


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