I have my social life back, YAY!!!  

RedheadedMedStd 35F
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7/27/2006 5:40 pm

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7/29/2006 1:31 pm

I have my social life back, YAY!!!

I officially have my social life back and boy oh boy am I ecstatic!

Tonight will be downtown with my buddy Paul.

Tomorrow night is a Pimpin' Pirates and Carribean Ladies party at the Delta house.

Saturday is the Meet and Greet.

I'm gonna be so worn out, but who cares!


Djeeper1987 48M

7/27/2006 6:18 pm

Congrads hun. I hope one day to have a social life again. I want that ecstatic feeling again. >

Have fun!!!

Carpe Diem

tootsiedippin 54M/54F
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7/27/2006 6:44 pm

have fun, take your Vitamens and

Be Safe


frangipanigal 46F
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7/27/2006 7:34 pm

Have some fun for me....PLEASE!!!

Frangi x

dimplesfouryou 47F
24690 posts
7/27/2006 8:39 pm

Good for you! Get out there and whoop it up, girlie!


PrincessKarma 44F
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7/27/2006 9:26 pm

What's a social life?

What's a life??

Why are you trying to confuse me?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

rm_stan2804 35M
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7/28/2006 2:37 am

that's great
we could to have a day out together
who know's
cheers and enjoy

goodandevil00 43M

7/28/2006 12:38 pm

Bravo! This sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

toothysmile 51M
16517 posts
7/28/2006 4:25 pm

just don't do anything i wouldn't do...

methodman1000 41M
1775 posts
7/29/2006 8:43 am

my oh my i really envy you-social life!!!.....

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