College Orientation  

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7/18/2006 10:22 am

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College Orientation

College life can be hard for some people especially shy young girls who have to leave home for the very first time and live in dorm like conditions at the college. This was going to be the first time away from home and with me being shy it was going to be tough. Well so I thought...

I was eighteen years of age, and even still, moving so far away from family life would be tough. But I've had the chance to meet some lovely people over the years including a great guy who was my first lover. Well he was a great boyfriend but not the best when it came to sex. We only ever tried it once and it was a big failure so I naturally thought there was something wrong with me. Both he and I had no idea what we were doing and our fast approach left me sore and sorry for myself. No one mentioned foreplay.

I have left that all behind to go to college. I had arrived earlier than a lot of the other girls and it was in that time that I met a sweet girl. I was in the cafeteria having lunch, sitting by myself when she walked up to me and asked if she could join me. From there we hit it off. She introduced herself as Ginger.

Ginger wasn't unattractive, she was a very plain girl but there was something about her, something very special. I found myself inviting her to sit so we could have lunch together, and from then on we stuck together. We made small talk over lunch. We found that we were on opposite sides of the dorm and after a lot of giggling we decided that we should share a room together.

Ginger was always so sweet to me, it was just how she was. She was so like me, which is why we got along so well together. Our families lived miles away so we looked at each other as almost half sisters. Ginger was the first to compliment me on my style of dress and often joked about how she would love to have smaller breasts like mine. Mine are small, but hers were well over the right size for her petite body.

Our college year would begin after the weekend and knowing that we decided to party long and hard on the Friday before. Other girls and guys would arrive that weekend as well so it was our chance to live a little before classes… I had to report to the Dean's office to organize our day and night pass and when I arrived back Ginger was waiting for me. She gave me a small ring box, which she encouraged me to open right then before we went out. Inside was a beautiful gold pinkie ring. Taking the ring out of the box, she slipped it on my finger; it was a perfect fit. It was a friendship ring exactly like the one Ginger wore on her little finger. We were as one.

Out of the blue she kissed me and I found myself responding, slipping my tongue into her warm mouth before pulling away as I suddenly realised what had happened between us.

Ginger didn't hesitate, she grabbed my hand and said, "Come on lets go! It's party time!"

I vaguely remember coming home that night, but I do remember waking up in Ginger's bed. We were snuggled close together and when I looked under the covers I found we were also naked.

My heart skipped a beat wondering what had happened last night for us to end up in bed together. I lay there not daring to move in case I woke Ginger. I could hear her breathe close to me, her hand rested comfortably over my breast, and she looked so peaceful and I felt so comfortable, it felt so natural. But I did wonder what happened.

I felt her stirring beside me, her hand slipped down until it rested upon my hairless mound. She looked up and me and smiled. "Good morning my sweet", she said. "My you are wet this morning"…

I didn't know what to say, but my silence she took as an ok to touch me. Her fingers slipped between my pussy lips, she rubbed my clit softly. I could feel my body starting to tingle as she played. The sensations were magnificent. Her tiny fingers knew where to touch and how to make me feel good.

Ginger stopped playing for a second but only to kiss me deeply before tracing a path down to my pussy. She disappeared under the sheet, she found her way between my legs and her tongue began to gently caress my juicy slit.

She licked up and down, the flat of her tongue finding my clit and within seconds she had me screaming as I experienced a mother of all orgasms. Ginger's head poked back from under the covers, her body laying over mine our mounds together as she moved her body back and forth…

Ginger smiled at me again…

"Lick me", she demanded… "I want to feel your tongue buried deep inside me".

How could I refuse especially when she climbed out and over me, straddling my head her pussy above my face? I looked up at the pinkest hot pussy, it looked beautiful and as she lowered it down my tongue was waiting to taste her sweet nectar. Oh wow, she tasted like honey lemon, I'd never licked pussy before so instinct was what led me to push my tongue deep inside her hot lips, licking as fast as I can trying to taste and savour her nectar as much as I could.

I reach around so my hands held her cheeks slightly apart, pulling her down onto my face, her pussy rode my tongue and chin faster and faster as she cried out that she was cumming. Ginger's hot pussy exploded, her juices squirting over my face and down my chin. It took me by surprise but I lapped as much as I could….

We lay in each others arms for ages, touching and caressing our bodies as we quietly spoke about what just happened. Ginger told me that she was bisexual, but she loved being with women as much as men. She introduced me to a fake cock later that day. It was somewhat larger than the one I had already experienced, but with the right amount of foreplay and with my pussy well lubed, Ginger fucked me slowly at first bringing me to earth shattering orgasms that I'll never forget.


Phuc_Buddy 47M

7/18/2006 10:48 am

Red, after reading that all I can say is wow!

maverick1255 52M
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7/18/2006 12:56 pm

Wow, Red!!! You are coming back to blog-ville full force!!

Gald to see you having FUN!!!!

And enjoying the read!

rm_Icewomin 48F
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7/18/2006 4:11 pm


reading this is totally fueling that fantasy i was having a few days ago, about doing it with you in a public place...

badbadbrad 39M

7/19/2006 8:44 am

Best story ever!!

I came, I conquered, I came again

i_luv_asia_girls 37M
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7/24/2006 12:39 am

you are beautiful...

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