A delicious dinner  

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2/16/2006 9:00 pm

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A delicious dinner

The dress clung to my hips just enough, the slit was just high enough, and the length was just long enough. I sat still trying desperately not to fidget. I toyed with my necklace. I didn't like being in the hall, it made me uncomfortable. I didn't like being alone with all his work cronies, that made it worse. They had all looked at me like I was a teenager walking into prom with jeans on; even though he had assured me I looked sensational. He strided back from the bathroom with ease and squeezed my shoulder before he took his seat again. His hand dropped below the tablecloth and our fingers interlaced. I blew out a breath, feeling more relieved that he was back. I shook myelf when he nudged me, his boss' wife was talking to me. "I'm sorry? I didn't quite catch all of that." "I asked how you like medical school?" I blushed. "Actually, I am still in undergrad, I took about 3 years off and so I have a little bit to finish up and then I will hopefully be in med school come 2008." She shot her husband a look. I dropped my head, and continued eating, hoping it would deter further converstation. I was so nervous, I felt tall and gangly when I stood in the 3-inch heels. I turned to my date, "Will you show me where the ladies room is?He stood and walked me toward the bathroom, his hand on my lower back. He could tell I was intimidated. Even though I was the one who wanted to go with him tonight, I was suddenly wishing I was at home on my couch in a hoodie and jeans cuddled up with my dog. I walked back to the table determined not to have that "deer in the headlights" look my roommate said I had before I left. My date smiled reassuringly at me. I turned my head to see a few of his co-workers walking up behind him with cigars lit. These must be the good ol' boys he was always telling me about. I slugged my white wine and excused myself to go to the bar table of the banquet hall to get another. I'm just gonna get a good buzz, I thought to myself. Not sloppy drunk, but hey, I had a big dinner and I hate being so reserved. Maybe a shot would do me some good. I sidled my way up to the bartender whose big white smile reminded me of Matt Damon. Come to think of it, he looked a lot like him. "Another glass of Reisling please, and a shot of JD." The bartender raised his eyebrows. He obviously didn't think that a tiny girl like me should order something so strong, but he wasn't being paid to think. He poured my drinks and I downed the shot quickly. I felt like I was going to breathe flames for the next 3 years. I hadn't had any whiskey in a while and suddenly remembered why. I tottered precariously on 3-inch heels back to the table. I sat down, noticing that it was only me, the boss' wife, and one of her friends left. The random woman was talking to someone at the next table. "They went to go talk business." I glanced back and smiled at the boss' wife. She was sitting to my left and flicked her gaze over at the guys, off by the hor d'ourves table. They were all deep in conversation, talking with drinks, cigars, and martini glasses. "Don't look down." I felt the wife's hand on my knee. "You have incredible legs." I felt the hand with those perfectly manicured nails I had admired earlier trail from my knee, up my dress and to my thighs. She uncrossed my legs as my eyes widened in shock. This was the only dress I owned that I couldn't wear underwear with. And I had to wear it tonight, I thought. I slid down in my seat as her fingers made their way around my skin. A teardrop of liquid making its way from my center down my leg. Then the boss' wife, there in the fancy banquet hall, slid her fingers into me, and everything went hazy, then black.

Many thanks to my pal, who helped me with my writer's block. I made it short, sweet, and to the point with a twist like you suggested.


MillsShipsGayly 53M

2/21/2006 6:47 am

I really like this ...

(one small constructive comment might be to break it up into paragraphs .. easier on the eyes)

Such a twist ... Are you going to write a Part 2 ??????

WoundFossaTinge 39M

2/23/2006 8:55 pm

Wow, great story... didn't see the end coming, but still turned on by it. So what happened after the blackout?

rm_bryan4a 38M

6/6/2006 10:28 am

Wow!!! Hot.

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