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4/14/2006 10:27 pm

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Hide the Easter Egg

Last night, I pulled out some old disks from a previous Easter. Redmoray had to work that year, so I was home alone with the camera. I dressed up like a little girl, put my hair in poney tails....white stockings and garter and my black 6 inch heels....decorated with bunnies, baskets and carrots. I got so wet thinking of how he'd love this I had stop and play with myself.

I inserted the carrots up my very soaking wet pussy. Ooooo. Better to leave them out and warm them up first, brrrr fridge was cold.

Moving on, I was looking at one of the plastic eggs, where can I put that? Whooo Hooo, I strung them together with fishing line, put a stopper knot at each end of the egg in a chain fashion. Away they went. It's impossible to do this and run over to the tripod for each shot. So I called him up, "Hey I'm doing this thing for you and I need help with the cam." He got stiff right then and there. "It's dead here...I'm closing the booth right now, I'll be right over," he said.

He helped with the cam. Some of them are blurry because it's an older cam and we were way too horney to be operating digital equipment. We put about 6 of the eggs up me....that was an incredible feeling....and then pulled them so verrrrry slowly one at a time. In between each egg he came over and Redmoray put his cock in my mouth all the way to the end of the shaft...oh my it was good.

He pulled the last wet egg out and I came. The Bunny was good to me, how about you?

Cameil and RedMoray

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