Taking a trip into the Twilight Zone  

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5/24/2006 11:23 am

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Taking a trip into the Twilight Zone

Well tomorrow I finally leave for the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, to visit family and friends. The main objective is to let my oldest and youngest daughters visit with their father and 2 siblings that reside with him.

But I feel nothing but trepidation, my Ex is capable of huge amounts of drama, one of the reasons I am no longer with him. The woman he is with should be declared insane, and locked away, she is a nut.

I can give a brief summery, and hope fully no one will think it reflects on MY judgment, considering I am no longer with him.

He became involved with this women soon after we separated (it will be 4 years come September) and its been more 'on' then off'. SHE.........is married, to a plastic surgeon who lives about 3 hours upstate and they have 2 small children together (under age 10). She would frequently come and live with my now ex, and MY children, without her own, and stay for weeks at a time, while her husband's money supported and paid the bills, and my ex would even be driving hubby's Navigator. She'd go back and forth, depending on her husband's mood, and at one point, not quite a year and a half ago.......MY EX MOVED IN WITH THEM BOTH (and yes.....my other 2 children as well).

Isn't that insane?

Now mind you, Ex has moved out (approx. 4 months ago), glommed off his mom for a while, and now he and crazy lady have a house on the coast with HER kids and are avoiding hubby (but still using his credit cards) and the paperwork he's trying to serve on HER. Rumor has it that they are accusing hubby of sexually molesting his own children (and yes, my sleep is disturbed by the fact my 14 y/o was living there if this is true) but I find it unlikely, as "Bonnie & Clyde" would in all probability be lying about this. Compound that with the new rumor that they got away with Ex living with them by telling hubby Ex is GAY!

Now add to this he called me on Valentines Day of THIS year, it was SO yuckey.....fucked up my WHOLE day.

Can you see now why I feel like I'm traveling into a major shit storm?

I haven't even LEFT yet and I'm already looking forward to the trip home.......sheesh.

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