Saturday 11th --- Slosh...& GroundHog Prom  

RedMenice 47F
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3/12/2006 9:57 pm
Saturday 11th --- Slosh...& GroundHog Prom

Just thought I'd write a few lines about the great time I had over the weekend.
First......the Slosh had moved to another place other then Clancy's.....we gathered at Gilligans in the Old Market instead. It was a tad cramped, and a few unpredictables, but it was great seeing everyone and talking.
I HAD planned on making those bells hang from a chain from my new clit ring.....but it just didnt work as I wanted.
SO....instead...I had a FemDom friend stitch them into the skin of the nape of my neck....on either side of my new tattoo....LOVED
Everytime I moved my head......I could hear them.

We left the slosh with additional people (not dressed in costume) and made it to the MidAmercia Center.
The costumes were AWESOME!!
Fetish wear was EVERYWHERE!!
We went as a group of schoolgirls and priests....we had a Cardinal and the Pope with
I would love to see the people in the lifestyle attend this in the future....we had a great time perving the outfits...and enjpying the company of other kink friendly people.
And we now feel challenged to come up with fun, kinky new costumes.

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