Omaha Erotic Art Show, 4/1/2006  

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Omaha Erotic Art Show, 4/1/2006

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that Omaha would be having an Erotic Art show, the first it's had in 10 years, with many pieces being brought out of storage since they were banned some time ago. Culture of most any form is interesting to me, and I enjoy Opera and chamber music as much as a dimly lit blues bar and the Smithsonian.

Admittedly my expectations were high, as a friend and I took the time to find parking Downtown and were caught in that oh so lovely hail we had that night. We had already spent a few hours as spectators at the Shark Club where an AdultFriendFinder gathering had been planned, which we crashed accordingly while it was in full swing. This had made us fashionably late as we arrived at the Magic Theater off of Harney and 16th around 11.

Walking in cold and soaking wet, we paid our cover and ordered our drinks at the almost depleted make shift bar, the rest of the area reflecting the thrown together look of the event, in some areas looking as if it just been recently vacated by squatters. Immediately we noticed the age of the majority of the people present were in their young 20's, many in black regalia and swatting each other with various items of impact equipment, laughing uproariously. While the work on the walls was worth comment and I saw a few pieces I would have enjoyed owning, the interpretive dance left much to be desired. I'm sure nubile young ladies in underwear and 'wife beaters' appeal to some, but it was more of a 'go and gyrate for the nice people'.......then anyone actually attempting to SAY anything with their movements. The lifestyle themes scattered here and there only seemed present to lend additional naughtiness to the atmosphere, rather then challenge anyone to take it seriously. In an attempt to be edgy.....I feel they overshot their goal and hit closer to borderline ludicrous.

Hands down, I was disappointed by this exhibit, and perhaps my expectations were unrealistic. We actually entertained thoughts of going back to the Shark Club to watch the conclusion of the feeding frenzy, as it had a higher entertainment value then what we had viewed downtown. I have hopes that in the future they try for less of a Bohemian approach, add a smidgen of class and throw in maturity for good measure.......stir.

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