Spring Horror and rudeness.  

RedDeerGuy2002 40M
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3/28/2006 9:12 pm

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4/3/2006 10:50 pm

Spring Horror and rudeness.

Imagine your mother or grandmother walking down the sidewalk to the bus stop, car, or justa few blocks home with hands full of groceries. It's a nice sunny day, and it has been warm for the past few days.

Now as we all know spring causes melting, and the melting causes puddles...

Now imagine a dig, Dodge or in this case Ford ripping down the road into one of those big, deep puddles... and your mother or grandmother just so happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

I seen a little old lady get soaked. If I had a car I would hve offered her a ride to where ever she was going so she could dry off or back to the grocrey store so she could replace her packages (yes they will do that because little old ladies are sweet and can raise holy hell)

I did manage to get the drivers plate number and did report him to the police who really had nothing to say. Save to say they did nothing.

Luckily someone in a car did see what happened and picked up the little old lady.

Now is some cities there are bylaws against such acts of thoughtlessness.

I would just like to say to all those cocky ass hats with their big trucks and think it is funny to motor through puddles and soak people. I hope it happens to your mother, or better yet to you, when your getting into your full leather interior truck and the door is wide open. I hope you get it good.

It's called KARMA and it works. You will get yours.

If you see this happen, help the little old lady and report the bastard, and if your a big guy, go kick his ass.

I have to say men do this, I have never seen a woman do it.

LustyTaurus 49M
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4/2/2006 12:48 pm

I agree...Reddeerguy...ignorant a-holes are all around us. Welcome to blogging!


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